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Thailand Day 5 Khon Kaen University

14th February 2023

It was almost dark when I came across 2 White-browed Crake at very close range

Two days ago I was looking on Ebird to give me an idea where to go from Bangkok and last night I landed at Khon Kaen airport for only £15! The reason why I choose the east was that there are some species that have been seen in the last week that appealed to me, even though I had seen some of them before. After dipping on so many occasions while in Oman, Yellow Bittern was high on the list as well as Pied Harrier. This morning, I went and got a whole melon from around the corner from the digs I’m staying at and then went and rented a scooter. Most of the time I don’t plan ahead and leave it to last minute as I did coming to Khon Kaen. So where I’m goin after this, I have no idea or how long I’ll be here for. With the scooter, I had the freedom to go anywhere in the area and the first place I visited was Khon Kaen University. The mixed deciduous forest where I a new species. A pair of Hainan Blue Flycatcher and a single Amur Stonechat. Otherwise it was hard work with Yellow-browed Warbler all over the shop, 2 Radde’s Warbler, 3 Paddyfield Pipit, male Black-napped Monarch and a single Taiga Flycatcher.

The female Hainin Blue Flycatcher was out in the open but the male stuck in the shade and played hard to get struggling to get a pic of it

Yellow-browed Warbler were all over the shop

Just up road is Khon Kaen Universty ponds and as I parked up and got off the scooter, at close range, there were a single Brown Shrike on the wires with 2 Chestnut-headed Bee-eater. Infront of me were two lakes which held a lot of egrets, Asian Openbill, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Grey-headed Waterhen while on the smaller pools that border the lakes were 2 Amur Wagtail and Dusky Warblers were very vocal. Passing a large reed bed I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My first day and I had Yellow Bittern in the bag and showing out in the open! I left the bittern and beyond I could see more pools. After nearly two hours of walking around the bodies of water, I had clocked up to 15 Lesser Whistling Duck, 30 Little Grebe, 30 Germain’s Swift, 2 White-browed Crake, 5 Amur Stonechat and a single Black-shouldered Kite. It was near to dark when I kicked another Yellow Bittern from my feet at the side of the water! I guess there common here. Got a feeling I’m gona be sticking around Khon Kaen for awhile.

Well over 20 Pheasant-tailed Jacana just on one of the lakes

Amur Stonechat

Amur Wagtail

A record shot but finally at last I’ve seen a Yellow Bittern

There were 2 white-browed Crake

Black-shouldered Kite

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