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Oman Day 7 Another BROWN SHRIKE at Ayn Hanram!!

2nd February 2023

After the Grey-bellied Cuckoo, I can’t believe that I discovered this adult BROEWN SHRIKE first thing this morning in the same trees as the the 1st winter BROWN SHRIKE that was also still present today! The 3rd and 4th Brown Shrike, so I’ve been told, for Oman sharing the same area. Crazy!

Two days ago, I turned up the 4th, so I believe, Grey-bellied Cuckoo for Oman, in the same area as a 1st winter individual that was found two weeks ago. At 06.30, I was on 2 Arabian Scops Owl just north of Ayn Hanram car park. Just before 07.00, I turned around and could see a shrike above me. I had a look to see that it was a Brown Shrike. I took a step back, wiped the the sleep from out of my eyes then rubbed them, blinked 100 times and slapped my face a few times and looked again. I couldn’t understand what was goin on? It was a Brown Shrike alright but not the 1st winter but an adult BROWN SHRIKE!! Two Brown Shrike were sharing the same look outs. I basically repeated what happened with the two mega Cuckoos that were also sharing the same area! I quickly fired off some shots of the shrike only to see it fly off. Then I had to get a move on as I had a date with a pelagic off Mirbat at 07.30. I just made it and climbed aboard with four Dutch birders and our pilot, Hatem. Fantastic trip out and without Hatem’s sharp eyes, we could of easily missed a lot of stuff. We were out there for nearly five hours, that’s more than enough for me, and as a result highlights included, 2 Night Heron, 4 White-cheeked Tern, as we were steaming out, 20+Persion Shearwater, 6 Jouanin’s petrel, 200 Red-necked Phalarope, including two large rafts and 20 Masked Booby. Four new species in the bag. We also were lucky to encounter very close views of some 20 Risso’s Dolphin, distant Spinners Dolphins and a very brief False Killer Whale. A few Loggerhead and Green Turtle popped there heads up now and then and to top it all, I didn’t throw up when Hatem got the rubber dobby out! The stench nearly killed me. It was a relief to feel dry ground again. Thanks Hatem for a great pelagic but I don’t think I’ll be doin it again mate.

The BROWN SHRIKE showed very bruefly when I first found it and I couldn’t relocate it when I returned later on in the afternoon.

Stunning small butterfly

Night Heron

White-cheeked Tern

Large numbers of Red-necked Phalarope

Persian Shearwater

Stunning Masked Booby

Green Turtle

Loggerhead Turtle with gull taking a ride

Western Reef Heron in the port

Driving back to Salalah, I stopped off at Ayn Hatram to see if I could relocate the adult Brown Shrike. I got the 1st winter Brown, 2 Red-tailed and a single Isabeline shrike but not a sniff of my bird. After seeing a few Eastern Olivaceous Warbler and a single Red-breasted Flycatcher, I left the sight and a short drive to Ayn Plains, I pulled over to the right and drove the tracks into the plains searching for the 9 Cream-coloured Courser that were seen yesterday in the area. Immediately, there in front of me were 4 Stone Curlew. They made a short flight and wherever they tried to go, they were pushed on by camerals grazing until they landed on the far side where I decided to move on. An hour later I ended up where I was late afternoon yesterday, Khawi West. I wasn’t there that long, as I needed my dinner, but I got another new species for the day, 2 Red-knobbed Coot. Otherwise it was more or less the same birds as yesterday. Hopefully, a mega for Oman will turn up tomorrow and I’ll go along and find whatever species it is, another individual. It seems to work for me.

Red-tailed Shrike

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

One of the 4 Stone Curlew

Desert Wheatear

Citrine Wagtail

At last I caught up with Red-knobbed Coot

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