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Thailand Day 8 Kaeng Lawa Lake and area HEN HARRIER!

17th February 2023

Three days ago and had only seen two Yellow-breasted Bunting, both back home on Scilly. In the last two days it’s gone crazy with some 170 birds at Kaeng Lawa Lake.

After a good show two days ago, I returned to south to Kaeng Lawa Lake. I focused on the west side this time and it proved to be not a bad move. First stop off the scooter was the stake out bridge and here there was a single Pied Kingfisher and a new species, Streaked Weaver. A search just below the bridge and Dusky, Black-browed Reed and Oriental Warbler appeared to be all over the shop. Just up road I pulled into a scrubby area and a Burmese Shrike kept it’s distance and was my second new species of the day followed by a Savanna Nightjar that I kicked up by mistake. There were also 2 Brown Shrike and a great site to see were at least 100 Yellow-breasted Bunting. I put up a Painted Snipe and it flew off across the road where I thought I would give it twenty minutes birding. As a result there were Richard’s Pipit, 3 Zitting Cisticola, Spotted Owlet, 2 Feckle-breasted Woodpecker and Night Heron.

This Streaked Weaver was a new species

Oriental Reed Warbler

Dusky Warbler

I didn’t get so close to this Savanna Nightjar after kicking it from it’s roost site already and was another new species

Love shrikes and as this Burmese Shrike was a new species also, I spent a lot time with it. However, this individual spent it’s time stuck up high in a tall tree and with a dull milky sky, it didn’t help with photography

There were also 2 Brown Shrike nearby

A few of the 100 Yellow-breasted Bunting showed very well at close range

The only other country that I’ve seen Painted Snipe was four birds in Gambia some 3 year ago

Up to 3 Zitting Cisticola were across the road

I followed a single track off the main road where I finally found the Garganey. 300+ of them with a very high count of some 30 Teal. Surely one of the mega ducks was goin to be in there somewhere. It was hard work but after a good hour, I gave up with no sign of the Falcated Duck or Baikal Teal. Also had another 6 Yellow-breasted Bunting. It was while scanning from a bridge that I picked up a harrier over the reeds which I immediately identified as a male Hen Harrier. Surely that’s a rarity in Thailand and I fired off a few distant shots only to see it disappear. Later on I discovered that there are just over fifty sighting in Thailand and if this male is accepted, it will be the first recorded in east of the country!

The last thing I suspected to see was this mega, male Hen Harrier fly through and I just got these distant record shots but you can still clearly see what is.

Garganey with Teal

Pied Bushchat

Dusky Warbler are vocal all over the shop

Great Myna taking a free ride on Water Buffalio

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Thailand Day 7 Keang Nom Ton Lake

16th February 2023

After my first individual yesterday, yet another male Siberian Rubythroat feeding on a path with Bluethroat at the NW side of the lake

As it was only a few minutes down road from my digs, I thought I’ll go and check out the lake, Keang Nom Ton. No idea where to go when I got there but on the scooter I followed a dirt track from the south side that bordered around the lake. Some 30 Germain’s Swift were overhead while I was scanning across the water and found most of the 1000s of birds distant but I could make out of note, 150 Glossy Ibis, 9 Oriental Pratincole, 200 Garganey and a scarce winter visitor, 5 Shoveler. Taking my time, I arrived at the west side and here the birds were closer. Red-throated Pipit, flava Wagtail and waders were vocal and quartering the very large reed bed was an Eastern Marsh Harrier. I followed a path towards the lake where I had Zitting Cisticola, 4 Bluethroat and Oriental Reed Warbler and on a plain, more Oriental Pratincole.

Germain’s Swift

Birds were distant on the lake including these Glossy Ibis

A scarce winter visitor were these 5 Shoveler

Common Taylorbird

There were up to 4 Bluethroat

And 9 Oriental Pratincole

Mid-afternoon and I cruised round the lake and took a track to the north until I could go no further. Where I parked up, looked productive and immediately on getting off the scooter, I flushed a Yellow Bittern out from a small patch of reeds. I continued to go on foot, now following a river and Plaintive Cuckoo were all over the shop with at least eight individuals. I scanned ahead of me and picked out 2 Bluethroat on the deck when a bird landed head hight in a tree close by. Thinking it was another Bluethroat back on, I lifted my bins and kinda got a shock! Another male Siberian Rubythroat!! I was now eager to get a better shot than yesterdays individual and sat by the path and waited. It wasn’t long until I had, Dusky, Oriental and Black-browed Reed Warbler, Yellow-bellied Prinia, Bluethroat and the rubythroat. After an hour I left with very close stunning views. However, when out in the open the light was all wrong, with the sun infront while other times, it was obscured when feeding under brush in the dark. But what I did get, I was very pleased with. Another Yellow Bittern flew out from the side of the path before I came to a dead end and had to go back the way I came. I saw the same species as before, including the rubythroat as I returned to the scooter. It was now almost dark when a Eastern Mash Harrier passed by while I was on the scooter.

There were at least 8 Plaintive Cuckoo if not more

One of the commonest birds is Dusky Warbler

And the star of the show was my second male Siberian Rubythroat in two days!

Government says “striking workers don’t benefit.” Let’s put the record straight on that

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Thailand Day 6 Kaeng Lawa Lake and area

15th February 2023

The idea in goin to Kaeng Lawa, as well as other species, top of the list that I wanted to see was male Pied Harrier and I got him!

The other species that I was hoping to also see were, although I’ve seen them both in the UK, Yellow-breasted Bunting and Oriental Pratincole. I’m not one for seeing new species but I was twitching also a Falcated Duck and Baikal Teal that have been present in the area for last week or so. Both males and probably the only chance of catching up with these two ducks until I venture further east. However, I had a problem, the above species I had no idea where to go to see them. The only thing that I was goin on was what it said, or the lack of it, from Ebirds. It took me about 30 mins ride south from Khon Kaen and I overshot the turning I should of taken. A quick look on the map and I took a right and ended up following a very quiet narrow road. The sun was just rising and immediately birds were in very good numbers. Taking my time on the scooter, after covering some six miles and I had already seen, 4 Black-winged Kite, 2 Pied Bushchat, 6 Indochinese Rollar, Amur Stonechat and Wagtail and my first new species, 2 Indochinese Bushlark. Although by the end of the day I had given up counting them. The road bared to the right but as I could see the lake ahead of me, I took a dirt track that lead to a dead end. Here, I kicked a mix of different flarva wagtail and Waders and waterbirds were not in short supply. There was a cool breeze and in the dull skies above, 3 Oriental Pratincole flew overhead and appeared to come down nearby. Ideal! But it got better. I discovered 13 together in a field! For the next three hours, as usual, I just walked a very small patch and it turned out to be an awesome place. As well as the pratincole, there were some 10 Black-browed Reed Warbler, 10 Bluethroat, 6 Dusky Warbler, 4 Long-tailed Shrike, 30 Wood Sandpiper, as well as other species of wader in smaller numbers and 6 Chestnut Munia. I didn’t want to leave as I was having a great time.

The Sun very briefly showed first thing and I didn’t see it again until mid afternoon

The only other Oriental Pratincole that I have seen, was the Norfolk individual back in the early 90’s, 94 maybe?

There were up to 4 of these belters, Long-tailed Shrike

Black-browed Reed Warbler

Spotted Redshank with Wood Sandpiper

Brahminy Kite

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater

There all kinds of mix match flave wagtails

Dusky Warbler

Amur Stonechat

I was kicking Bluethroat on almost every step

Like Nepal, I noticed that Kingfishers appear to have slightly long bills than those back home

The Water Buffalo were keep an eye on me

The Ebird hotspots are all on the west side of the lake. I was on the east but early afternoon I was on the former side scanning the bodies of water for ducks as the two mega ducks were hanging out with Garganey. On the side of the road was a male Pied Bushchat. I jumped off the scooter and turned around to see a male Pied Harrier crossing the road at head hight in front of me!! I got back on the scooter and tried to follow it as it double backed and came across the road from where it came from. I ran across the fields in hot pursuit but it was way gone into the distance where I lost it. As a result, I gave it ten minutes birding where I was and as I approached a row of tall trees, a flock of 70 ticking bunting flew high into them. No way, Yellow-breasted Bunting! There were 150 on Ebirds but I think that was a long ways from this lot up road. Unfortunately the buntings stuck to the canopy and all I could get were record shots. I was ready to go home as I was more than happy in what I had seen and that’s what I did. I thought I would return the same way as I came, takin my time, scanning the bodies of water. And it didn’t take long until I was finally on some 60 Garganey with also 11 Pintail and 18 Cotton Pygmy Goose on a large flooded area. They were all a long ways off and I found myself balancing myself on the very narrow dirt paths in between the paddy fields as I tried to get closer. As a result I bumped into Long-toed and Temmink’s Stint, Grey-headed Plover, Amur Wagtail, Pacific Golden Plover, Pin-tail and Common Snipe and 3 more Oriental Pratincole. An Eastern Marsh Harrier put most of the ducks up and after another scan, I couldn’t find the two species of duck that I was hoping for and returned back to the road.

The stunning male Pied Harrier flying away from me

Unfortatly, the flock of 70 Yellow-breasted Bunting never come down from the tops of trees

Eastern Marsh Harrier

Amur Wagtail

It was now gone 16.00 and I really wanted to get back to my digs before dark. As usual, I pulled over and checked out what looked like an ideal spot for a crake maybe. Whats the first thing I see, a Dusky Warbler. Theyare all over the shop. Immediatly after the warbler, Ruddy-breasted Crake! Sneaking around following a grassy path, I can see a Bluethroat with my naked eye ahead of me and lift my bins up. Shit! That ain’t no Bluethroat, it’s a bloody Siberian Rubythroat and a male as well!! Where did that come from? What’s it doin here? I really wasn’t expecting to turn up a rubythroat in the middle of the marsh sharing the same path with Bluethroats. It was out in the open showing well but I was hidden behind a large bush, with viewing obscured by branches, so not to flush it. It flew deep into cover but it was while I was on a Thick-billed Warbler, that I spotted it on the edge of some cover. 2 Yellow-vented Bulbul flew into view to add to my life list with the rubythroat. I spent a long time in search of the latter species but I gave up and got back to Khon Kaen just after dark. Only my second day here and at the moment, I don’t know which way to turn as it’s so good and can only get better.

And what a beauty! A stonking male Siberian Rubythroat! I was so hoping to connect with one of these on this trip but I never thought it would be in the middle of a large marsh

A couple of Bluethroat shared the same path as the rubythroat

there were up to 4 Thick-billed Warbler in the area and alkl of them showed extremely well

Black-browed Reed Warbler were in good numbers

Yellow-bellied Prinia

Thailand Day 5 Khon Kaen University

14th February 2023

It was almost dark when I came across 2 White-browed Crake at very close range

Two days ago I was looking on Ebird to give me an idea where to go from Bangkok and last night I landed at Khon Kaen airport for only £15! The reason why I choose the east was that there are some species that have been seen in the last week that appealed to me, even though I had seen some of them before. After dipping on so many occasions while in Oman, Yellow Bittern was high on the list as well as Pied Harrier. This morning, I went and got a whole melon from around the corner from the digs I’m staying at and then went and rented a scooter. Most of the time I don’t plan ahead and leave it to last minute as I did coming to Khon Kaen. So where I’m goin after this, I have no idea or how long I’ll be here for. With the scooter, I had the freedom to go anywhere in the area and the first place I visited was Khon Kaen University. The mixed deciduous forest where I a new species. A pair of Hainan Blue Flycatcher and a single Amur Stonechat. Otherwise it was hard work with Yellow-browed Warbler all over the shop, 2 Radde’s Warbler, 3 Paddyfield Pipit, male Black-napped Monarch and a single Taiga Flycatcher.

The female Hainin Blue Flycatcher was out in the open but the male stuck in the shade and played hard to get struggling to get a pic of it

Yellow-browed Warbler were all over the shop

Just up road is Khon Kaen Universty ponds and as I parked up and got off the scooter, at close range, there were a single Brown Shrike on the wires with 2 Chestnut-headed Bee-eater. Infront of me were two lakes which held a lot of egrets, Asian Openbill, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Grey-headed Waterhen while on the smaller pools that border the lakes were 2 Amur Wagtail and Dusky Warblers were very vocal. Passing a large reed bed I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My first day and I had Yellow Bittern in the bag and showing out in the open! I left the bittern and beyond I could see more pools. After nearly two hours of walking around the bodies of water, I had clocked up to 15 Lesser Whistling Duck, 30 Little Grebe, 30 Germain’s Swift, 2 White-browed Crake, 5 Amur Stonechat and a single Black-shouldered Kite. It was near to dark when I kicked another Yellow Bittern from my feet at the side of the water! I guess there common here. Got a feeling I’m gona be sticking around Khon Kaen for awhile.

Well over 20 Pheasant-tailed Jacana just on one of the lakes

Amur Stonechat

Amur Wagtail

A record shot but finally at last I’ve seen a Yellow Bittern

There were 2 white-browed Crake

Black-shouldered Kite

Nigel Farage says UK leaving ECHR is only way to stop small boat crossings – it’s simply not true

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Thailand Day 3 Queen Sirikit Park

12th February 2023

A walk through the park produced up to four of these impressive Coppersmith Barbet

I was in Bangkok, Thailand, five year ago, 9th February. I didn’t know at the time but when I booked this trip, I arrived In Bangkok on the same day! This time, I’ve spent most of my time checking out the area, trying out the street food, checking out the largest market I’ve ever been to and just relaxing. My third day in Bangkok and I thought, maybe I should get out and do some birding. As I was based only a few minutes walk from Suan Rot Fai Park, that’s where I headed first thing this morning. Well I got there shortly after 07.00. I was here five year ago making a few visits, so I knew where the good spots were. As it was, I stuck to the south west side of the park, Queen Sirikit Park. After fours hours, it proved hard work with the humid conditions and I ended up back at the market that is at the entrance of the park. In the time that I spent in the park, I only had two new species, Thick-billed Warbler and Black-napped Monarch. The usual species you expect to see of note included, 4 Coppersmith Barbet, 6 Indochinese Roller, 2 Ashy Drongo, 2 Brown-throated Sunbird, 3 Blue-tailed Bee-eater,

This Black-napped Monarch proved to be very elusive in a very patch of dark dense cover

Ashy Drongo

Brown-throated Sunbird

Indochinese Roller

Out of the 4 Coppersmith Barbet, this was the show off The only place I’ve seen this barbet was in Nepal

Also came across this patricianly albino Zebra Dove

Great Myna

Must of seen well over 150 Tree Sparrows Outside the park, your almost standing on them in the streets

Trying to keep cool under as much shade as I could find, I couldn’t help but notice a lot more development, particular in the north side with more still in progress on the east side. Flycatchers were in good numbers and could be found anywhere in the park but mainly the open spaces. Up to 6 Taiga, 2 Grey-headed Canary, 3 Brown and a single Blyth’s Paradise Flycatcher. Besides the Thick-billed Warbler, only two other species of warbler were seen with 3 Pale-leafed and Yellow-browed Warbler. A single Little Cormorant was in the area of ornamental Ponds and was unusual to observe it at very close range instead distant. It was awesome in seeing good numbers of Asian Water Monitors again in the park. Five year ago, I had a great time birding in the park but today surpassed that as it turned out to be a cracker with two new species added as well

Taiga Flycatcher were located easily by their call

This park is the only place that I’ve seen Brown Flycatcher

Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher

Blyth’s Paradise Flycatcher

All 3 Pale-legged Warbler were always feeding in dark areas of the park

Wasn’t expecting to come across this Little Cormorant resting next to the ornamental Ponds

You often come across Asian Water Monitors anywhere in the park

Therese Coffey Drips Arrogance When Challenged By Caroline Lucas!

The Secretary of State for DEFRA Therese Coffey appeared at the Environment Select Comittee where she was lightly grilled by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party over pollution levels set by her government. Coffey was challenged over data which she refused to hand over. She was then asked to devolve more powers to the London Mayor which she was clearly against.

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Share 90,499 views Feb 12, 202

The Secretary of State for DEFRA Therese Coffey appeared at the Environment Select Comittee where she was lightly grilled by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party over pollution levels set by her government. Coffey was challenged over data which she refused to hand over. She was then asked to devolve more powers to the London Mayor which she was clearly against. Join this channel to get access to perks:… Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –

Oman Day 12 Dhariz Reserve

7th February 2023

This Great Spotted Eagle was just east of the reserve

Only birded Dhariz Reserve first thing this morning and then relaxed throughout the rest of the day. Highlights included the 3 Collard Pratincole and raptors. Just east of the reserve on the deck were an Oriental Honey Buzzard, Marsh Harrier and 3 Osprey. Nearby, a Booted Eagle was gettin some stick from House Crows and a low flying Great Spotted Eagle was an impressive sight.

The 3 Collard Pratincole were still present from yesterday

Up to 3 Osprey were on the deck warming up in the sun

The third Oriental Honey Buzzard of the trip was distant

This Booted Eagle was always keeping a close eye on the mob of House Crows

Great Spotted Eagle

Isabeline Wheatear

Isabeline and Desert Wheatear almost sharing the same rocks

Graceful Prinia

African Lime Butterfly

This Slender-billed Gull was in bad shape and the House Crows took full advantage of it’s weakness

While this Hulguin’s Gull had a vey bad head injury and the crows were stabing at it with their bills knowing it was on it’s last legs

Boris Johnson Denies Partygate Again!

And fools what this bigot, racist, compulsive liar, to return to power again

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Oman Day 11 Al Beed Farm

6th Febuary 2023

This Pallid Harrier, at close range next to the track I was slowly driving along, was one of many harriers that were hunting the farm.

It was time to get out of the Salalah area and go north into the desert. I set off early to get to Al Beed Farm at first light and less than two hours later, I was entering the Farm. As the sun had risen, the first bird of note was 8 Namaqua Dove on wires that were put up by a passing Pallid Harrier. The harrier settled down on the side of the track that I was on, not that bothered of my close presence as I sat in the car. This was followed by a Steppe Grey Shrike on telephone wires. I poked around a patch of reeds and immediately I could hear Siberien Chiffchaff. There were 8 Chifffchaff in total flycatching from the same tree and though I couldn’t say which of them were calling, it appeared as though they were all Siberians. The same tree also held a single Bluethroat and what I wasn’t expecting to see out here, was an African Paradise Flycatcher. Maybe they’re regular in the desert? Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse were also very vocal overhead moving through in small flocks. More harriers included 3 Marsh, 2 Montagu’s and a crackin male Pallid Harrier. Both Desert and Isabeline Wheatear were in good numbers and overhead, I could hear Short-toed Lark and relocated a small group on the deck later on.

Steppe Grey Shrike

Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse were moving in all directions throughout the morning with the largest flock of 60 birds

Up to 8 Siberian Chiffchaff were feeding together in a single tree

Where there was also this stunning Bluethroat sharing the same tree

However, a male Pallid Harrier coming into view is some else!

Boy, it was bloody hot out in the desert and I left mid-afternoon to arrive at Khawli East over two hours later back in Salalah. I was hoping to catch up with the 3 Collard Pratincole that the 4 Dutch birders let me know about yesterday. Sitting on one of the grass islands were all 3 pratincole and after ten minutes, they flew off north when a horse trotted by on the edge of the water. As always, terns, gulls, herons and waders were all over the shop and an Osprey caught a fish but I was too late with a photo. However, I did get onto a Caspian Tern flying off with it’s prey.

Up to 3 Collard Pratincole were on the small grass islands

Maybe I missed out on the Osprey catching a fish but I did manage to get this Caspian Tern

Whiskered Tern

Indian Pond Heron

Great White Egret

Palestinian ambassador calls out Israeli propaganda on Sky News [Arabic Subs][01/02/23]

Ambassador Husam Zomlot criticised comments made by the Israeli ambassador to the UK Hotovely as “cheap propaganda” in an interview with UK Sky News channel.

Kay Burley shuts the Palestinian ambassador up immediately as soon as he brings up the comparison with Russia occupying Ukraine and Israel Occupying Palestine.

Palestine in the UK

Oman Day 10 Al Mughsayl

5th Feburary 2023

At last I’ve caught up with Spotted Thicknee after spotting 2 birds while driving near to Khawi East

Easy day that turned out to be a good one. Later than usual on the road. A 30 minute drive east from Salalah to my third visit to Al Mughsayl. I’ve never seen one before but there is a Lesser White-fronted Goose there. I’m not into geese as most of the rare ones that turn up in the UK, you can’t say if they’ve jumped a fence or they’re wild. However, I found this one very flighty and couldn’t get near it. Who knows? Other wildfowl included, 4 Teal, 26 Garganey, 16 Pintail, 4 Shoveler, 3 Tufted Duck and a single Pochard. Terns or waders were a bit thin on the ground but in the nearby area of note were 5 Tawny Pipit and single Bonelli’s Eagle and Blue Rock Thrush.

Lesser White-fronted Goose Fence jumper or wild bird?

5 of the 26 Garganey

There were up to 5 Tawny Pipit in the nearby area

Al Mughsayl looking from the west

Returning back to Salalah for somethin to bite before making a very short drive to Khawi West where I got the long staying very rare 2 Long-tailed Cormorant. Pretty easy to spot being smaller than Cormorant but getting a pic was another thing. I thought I would end the day at Khawi East. On my ways there, I couldn’t believe my luck, when on the corner of junction, shading under a small tree, was the unmistakable shape of a Spotted Thicknee. It’s when I had a closer look, there were two! Ideal! Snapped off some shots and then left them alone to watch the traffic pass by only meters away from them both. At the latter sight, not as busy as usual with folks or birds. However, the highlight was a single Pin-tailed Snipe that flew off with other snipe.

Spotted Thicknee shelting from the next to a not so busy road.

Only a handful of Little Stint at Khawi East

Caspian Tern

My first Great White Egret of the trip

Heavily cropped pic of a Pin-tailed Snipe flying away

Oman Day 9 Sociable Plovers and Cream-colored Coursers

4th February 2023

18 Sociable Plover showed off a tht very close thanks to the work manager for driving me around the Farm or I would never have got this opponunty to observe this endangered species

You can’t go wrong when you see both Sociable Plover and Cream-colored Courser in one day and at very close range as well! A few days ago, the two Swedish birders had 26 Sociable Plover at Sahnawt Farm, viewed distantly from the fence next to the RT-49 road. So mid-morning, I was just about to set up and start peering into the fields from the fence when a pickup pulled up. He asked me what I was doin? When I told him, he told me to get in with my camera. Boy, I’m in the shite now, I thought. We drove past the checkpoint and into the farm. He turned of onto a dirt track and to the left I could see a flooded area covered in waders. He saw me looking and asked, you want to take picture? Sure thing. It turned out that he was the work manager and he was taking me on a tour of the farm. I jumped out immediately, as I could see a summer plumage Whiskered Tern but it was the Ruff. Over 250 of them feeding with 25 Wood Sandpiper, 30 Temmink’s and 60 Little Stint, Citrine Wagtail all over the shop and a mix of different flarva wagtail. We moved on and around as we turned a ‘STOP!!’ I demanded. There standing on the track that we were on, directly in front of us, were 18 Sociable Plover!! Wow! I really wasn’t expecting that as I thought they would be in the middle of one of the very many large fields. He lit a cigarette, I suffered from the fumes inside while at the same time, taking it in what was only a few meters away from me. After the fag was thrown out the window, I could see he was gettin tired and I told him to drive on. He asked if that is what I was after? It sure was and with a big smile on my face, we returned to my car. He gave me his number and said anytime you want to come in then let me know. I made my mind up that I’ll be back in a few days.

The first Sociable Plover that I saw, was on Scilly and it performed well, followed by 4 distant birds in Kuwait. Don’t think I’ll get the oppuntunty to observe Socaible Plover at very close range again like I did today

Out of the 100s of Whiskered Tern I’ve seen so far in Salalah, this is the only individual in summer plumage. Early 90s, Cemlyn, Anglesea, is also the only other S/P job that I’ve observed.

Never seen so many Ruff

Possible Black-headed Wagtail

Possible Grey-headed Wagtail

Those Swedish guys also let me know that had 9 Cream-colored Courser fly over the RT-49 just east of the Ayn Hanram roundabout on the same day they had the plovers. I’ve driven in that area and other places hunting for the coursers since the first day I arrived in Salalah. I thought I’ll give it ago and after I covered the plains just before the roundabout from the west, I drove east from the roundabout keep my lookout to my right all the time. My sharp eyes spotted one, close to the road and I came off and drove towards it back on the plains. In total, there were 18 Cream-colored Courser! Wow! I parked up and waited for them to come to me. That they did and just like the plovers, they showed off superbly at very close range. They don’t mess around and are always on the move. That is until a passing raptor and then crouch as low as they can to the ground before popping on and in as few seconds, they’ve covered a mile. I really didn’t care if I didn’t see anythin else today. However, nearby, I took a quick look at Salalah Marina and there was a very obliging Great black-headed Gull sitting on the wall. He was so close, I couldn’t focus with the camera and he even walked towards me before flying off! The only downside was that it was a 1st winter instead of a S/P adult.

Up to 18 Cream-colored Courser was an awesome sight and the only other sighting of this species was on Scilly that became ill and died in my hands

This Great black-headed Gull allowed me to almost touch it as it just sat on the wall.

The Governments attack on our ambulance workers is a disgrace – there is no low it won’t sink to

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Oman Day 7 Another BROWN SHRIKE at Ayn Hanram!!

2nd February 2023

After the Grey-bellied Cuckoo, I can’t believe that I discovered this adult BROEWN SHRIKE first thing this morning in the same trees as the the 1st winter BROWN SHRIKE that was also still present today! The 3rd and 4th Brown Shrike, so I’ve been told, for Oman sharing the same area. Crazy!

Two days ago, I turned up the 4th, so I believe, Grey-bellied Cuckoo for Oman, in the same area as a 1st winter individual that was found two weeks ago. At 06.30, I was on 2 Arabian Scops Owl just north of Ayn Hanram car park. Just before 07.00, I turned around and could see a shrike above me. I had a look to see that it was a Brown Shrike. I took a step back, wiped the the sleep from out of my eyes then rubbed them, blinked 100 times and slapped my face a few times and looked again. I couldn’t understand what was goin on? It was a Brown Shrike alright but not the 1st winter but an adult BROWN SHRIKE!! Two Brown Shrike were sharing the same look outs. I basically repeated what happened with the two mega Cuckoos that were also sharing the same area! I quickly fired off some shots of the shrike only to see it fly off. Then I had to get a move on as I had a date with a pelagic off Mirbat at 07.30. I just made it and climbed aboard with four Dutch birders and our pilot, Hatem. Fantastic trip out and without Hatem’s sharp eyes, we could of easily missed a lot of stuff. We were out there for nearly five hours, that’s more than enough for me, and as a result highlights included, 2 Night Heron, 4 White-cheeked Tern, as we were steaming out, 20+Persion Shearwater, 6 Jouanin’s petrel, 200 Red-necked Phalarope, including two large rafts and 20 Masked Booby. Four new species in the bag. We also were lucky to encounter very close views of some 20 Risso’s Dolphin, distant Spinners Dolphins and a very brief False Killer Whale. A few Loggerhead and Green Turtle popped there heads up now and then and to top it all, I didn’t throw up when Hatem got the rubber dobby out! The stench nearly killed me. It was a relief to feel dry ground again. Thanks Hatem for a great pelagic but I don’t think I’ll be doin it again mate.

The BROWN SHRIKE showed very bruefly when I first found it and I couldn’t relocate it when I returned later on in the afternoon.

Stunning small butterfly

Night Heron

White-cheeked Tern

Large numbers of Red-necked Phalarope

Persian Shearwater

Stunning Masked Booby

Green Turtle

Loggerhead Turtle with gull taking a ride

Western Reef Heron in the port

Driving back to Salalah, I stopped off at Ayn Hatram to see if I could relocate the adult Brown Shrike. I got the 1st winter Brown, 2 Red-tailed and a single Isabeline shrike but not a sniff of my bird. After seeing a few Eastern Olivaceous Warbler and a single Red-breasted Flycatcher, I left the sight and a short drive to Ayn Plains, I pulled over to the right and drove the tracks into the plains searching for the 9 Cream-coloured Courser that were seen yesterday in the area. Immediately, there in front of me were 4 Stone Curlew. They made a short flight and wherever they tried to go, they were pushed on by camerals grazing until they landed on the far side where I decided to move on. An hour later I ended up where I was late afternoon yesterday, Khawi West. I wasn’t there that long, as I needed my dinner, but I got another new species for the day, 2 Red-knobbed Coot. Otherwise it was more or less the same birds as yesterday. Hopefully, a mega for Oman will turn up tomorrow and I’ll go along and find whatever species it is, another individual. It seems to work for me.

Red-tailed Shrike

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

One of the 4 Stone Curlew

Desert Wheatear

Citrine Wagtail

At last I caught up with Red-knobbed Coot

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