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30th January 2023

With less than five Oman records, I was very pleased to find this GREY-BELLIED CUCKOO while having a very close encounter with a Arabian Grosbeak at Ayn tabraq. Later tonight, back at my digs, James Lidster informed me that it was discovered two weeks ago by two Dutch birders. Not as rare as the cuckoo, with less than 10 Oman sightings, I turned up a BLYTH’S REED WARBLER later on.

I left my pad ten minutes earlier than yesterday morning, 07.20 and it turned out to be another awesome day. The obvious place I was heading to first, was to find out if the White-tailed Plover that I had yesterday at Khwasi Sawli was still present. Unfortunately, the only plover in the area were a mixed flock of 127 Kentish and 41 Lesser Sandplover. Other waders included 8 Little and 4 Temmink’s Stint, 6 Dunlin and single Black-tailed Godwit and Wood Sandpiper. Except for a Bluethrost, Red-tailed Shrike and Osprey, it was pretty quiet compared to the events that happened yesterday. Even the gulls and terns were in very low number. On the way out to the main road, there were 2 Tawny Pipit and a single Richard’s Pipit and a low flying Greater Spotted Eagle.

41 Lesser Sandplover

There were also up to 127 Kentish Plover

Osprey hanging out with a Purple Heron

Great Spotted Eagle

2 Tawny Pipit were an Oman tick for me

This Richard’s Pipit was the forth in two days

Also had a few Isabeline Wheatear nearby including this male in sub-song

I had enough of water birds and decided to try my look up road at Ayn Tabraq for the Arabian Grosbeak. Four years ago, on two attempts, I failed, giving it over hour on each visit. I pulled up, got out of the car and settled down in the shade next to the water trough where the grosbeaks come in to drink. Suddenly, one dropped in at very close range only to see fly off into a nearby tree. I duno why I crept up to it, as it sang, because after ten minutes it was still there and I was now a few meters away, directly underneath it. It then flew off but pitched into a tall acacia in a gorge behind the water trough. Such a stonking bird I had to see it again but it flew off out of sight before I got there. I’m here to look at the specialties in Salalah area but also to hopefully find Oman rarities. And as usual, I found myself off wandering searching in likely spots for a vocal Dusky warbler Maybe. I had only been off the road for five minutes when I could see a small Cuckoo in a large Acacia close by. It was back on and I took some record shots as I knew whatever species of small cuckoo it is, it’s a good on. It was all grey and that’s all I got as it flew off and despite me giving it a good 30 minutes, nothin. I looked it up online and identified it as a GREY-BELLIED CUCKOO and thought, how rare is it for Oman? Whatever it’s status, it was new species for me. While seaching for the cuckoo I also had Short-toed, Booted, Steppe and Imperial Eagle overhead. 2 Namaqua Dove flew in and 12 Arabian Partridge flew over into the next valley.

It’s seems I was very fortunate in seeing this Arabian Grosbeak. Shortly after it flew off, a Dutch birder arrived and he told me that this was his third attempt. Later on I bumped into some Danish birders and also told me that they tried twice with no luck. Before this and had never come across any birders in Oman before.

A good selection of eagles including this Short-toed eagle

And a very high dark morph Booted Eagle


2 Rock Martin were sweeping in to drink from the water trough

Pleased with both the cuckoo and grosebeak, I drove to the next wadi to the west for my first visit of this trip at Ayn hamran. Last time I was here, it was alive and after coming to the area a few times, rarities I came across were Grasshopper Warbler, Black stork and a Rufous Turtle Dove. And late this afternoon I got one species even better. I started walking south, following the narrow strip of trees and bushes. I had only been out the car less than a minute, I heard a rattle of an acro but not as harsh as a Reed Warbler. Then it started tacking. The only thing that came in my head was a Blyth’s Reed Warbler. I give a pish and out came 3 African Paradise Flycatcher and a single Lesser Whitethroat and Red-breasted Flycatcher and then the small acro warbler flew overhead into the next tree still calling. To cut a long story short, it shut up, I lost it and in trying to relocate and of note I got 2 Clamours Reed warbler, 2 Grey Wagtail, 2 Hoopoe, 3 more African Paradise Flycatcher and a single Arabian Warbler. It was almost dark when I gave up but as I was returning to the car park, I could hear taking and immediately recorded it. I even managed to see it and was very pleased that I discovered a BLYTH’S REED WARBLER! Great end to the day and I think I’ll be returning here tomorrow as I only covered a fraction of the area. I’m expecting for someone to tell me that the Blyth’s Reed Warbler has beenn there for over three years now!

There were 2 Desert Lesser Whitethroat

And this Red-breasted Flycatcher very briefly

It was a good area to see African Paradise Flycatcher four years when I was here and today I got 6 birds altogether.

Before this one, I’ve only seen a single Arabrain Warbler and that was down the road in the same wadi.

Always a delight to see a Hoopoe

And 2 Grey Wagtail were chasing each other all over the shop

If Zahawi Was Sacked Why Not Home Secretary Suella Braverman?

All Tories MP are corrupt!

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Nadhim Zahawi was sacked by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday for breaches of the ministerial code. But why not Suella Braverman the Home Secretary who also breached the code when she was a member of the cabinet under Liz Truss and then rehired by Sunak? Well, Helen Whately the Health Minister explains when she spoke to Nick Ferrari…sorta.

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