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Buff-bellied Pipit at Helvier

26th October 2022

Four days ago, 23rd, I relocated the long staying Buff-bellied Pipit at Helvier after first picking it up on call with Meadow Pipit NE over Bougher Farm some twenty minutes ealier.

This morning, after my first taxi, I went and had a look at yesterdays Red-breasted Flycatcher at the Dump Clump. This was followed by the Red-rumped Swallow at Newman House that turned up two days ago at Porth Hellick. The flycatcher showed well but the swallow showed off hawking with a handful of Swallow before settling on the lower wire next to Newman House only meters away from a few of us that were present. I was only goin to stick around forn ten minutes or so but instead it turned out to a good forty minutes as it spent most of it’s time at very close range, on the wire.

I managed to catch up with the Red-rumped Swallow, that arrived two days ago at Porth Hellick, at Newman House just below Star Castle

There was also this Meadow Pipit in the garden nearby

Later on in the afternoon, as I was just around the bend, a call from Viv Stratton got me up to Carn Vean as he had relocated the Buff-bellied Pipit. Unfortunately, a Sparrowhawk had flushed it and the Meadow Pipit it was with before I got there. However, there was a Ring Ouzel feeding in the same field as the pipits were in. Nothin of note at Content Lane but in the fields nearby, I heard and then observed the Red-throated Pipit drop into the horse paddocks.

This late autumn has seen 1000s of Great Shearwaters, mainly in the south west headlands and yesterday, the Scilly record of 1138, was smashed! Over 5000 passed St Agnes while at the same time, Adam Hunt had a total of over 4000 off Penennis Head. I arrived in the afternoon and joined Adam and in the three hours that I was there, I counted up to over 260 Great, 3 Sooty, 3 Manx and a single Mediterranean Shearwater, 2 Bonxie and the highlight, 2 Leaches Petrel. Two large groups of Great Shearwater included over 40 and 70 and all species involved moved through west. One of my best seawatches in a long time but not as good as in September ’99 when I observed, with others, over 900 Great, 35 Sooty Shearwater, 150 Cory’s, 12 Manx, 8 Mediterreanan Shearwater, pass Peninnis.

No sign of the Buff-bellied Pipit at Carn Vean but this Ring Ouzel was in the same field as the pipit

The Red-throated Pipit was still vocal at the horse paddocks off Pungies Lane

Dipped out the Buff-bellied Pipit at Cove Vean this afternoon. However, Sunday the 23rd it performed very well in the horse paddocks at Helvier where I took these pics at.

This Richard’s Pipit showed well just in front of the windsock at the airfield, also on the morning of the 23rd

Later on in the day, I birded Content Lane and was rewarded with what I reckon was my forth Northern ‘type’ Willow Warbler that I’ve discovered at this sight. As usual, it was a large individual in size of that of an Arctic warbler.

Also present on the lane, were a single Firecrest and my first Siberian Chiffchaff of the autumn Nearby, I caught up with Rik Addson’s Red-throated Pipit off Pungies Lane with 2 Reed Bunting. It wasn’t all a bad day with also 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and at Porth Hellick, the Wilson’s Snipe.

Just a list of terrible things Rishi Sunak has done

Rishi Sunak is the new prime minister. Here’s a list of some of the terrible things he’s done, presented by Oli Dugmore.

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Download 192,805 views Oct 24, 2022

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3 new species for the garden including Pallid Swift

22nd October 2022

This also included 17 Great Shearwater, the Pallid Swift and taken from the window, this Jack Snipe that spent all afternoon on the wader scrape

Shortly before 09.00, a swift sp was seen over Porthcressa towards the Garrison. As there had been no sign of yesterdays Pallid Swift on St Agnes this morning, it was thought that it’s possibly that idvidual changing islands. It was goin to be mid-afternoon before I could go and search for it, despite twitching 2 swift sp, one was probably a Pallid Swift, yesterday over Trenoweth. It was dead on 14.00 that I relocated the swift sp roaming the campsite/Steval area and immediatly put the news out. I entered the east campsite and I first kicked a Bloxsmith Snout Moth followed by a Clouded Yellow and then a much rarer moth from the south mediterreanan, Crimson Speckled. There were also some 150 Fieldfare in the area. I had to return to work and got the Willow Warbler in the large Sycamore at the entrance on my way out.

Yesterdays Probable Pallid Swift at Trenoweth that was hanging out with a swift sp which was also probably another Pallid Swift.

This is my fifth Scilly Crimson Speckled Three of them I’ve discovered myself

This Willow Warbler has been spending it’s time in the large Sycamore at the entrance of the campsite for the last three days.

Still good numbers of Fieldfare still around after the 100s if not 1000s that hit Scilly yesterday

For the next two hours,, the swift sp proved mobile as it was spotted all over the shop on St Mary’s. In between this time, I went in search of Rik Addison’s’s Red-throated Pipit south of Pungies Lane where he had it yesterday and picked it up on call above me flying around with the many Meadow Pipit. At 16.20, Ross Newman pinned down the swift sp at the entrance of Star Castle. Here it showed off until dark and was confirmed as expected, a Pallid Swift. Almost everyone connected with it and on occasions, if you reached out your arm, you could of grabbed it on the wing as it passed only meters away from myself and other birders. There had been large numbers of Great Shearwater observed out at sea from Porthcressa. Just after 17.00, I scanned from my window,out SSW and in firthteen minutes, I got a total of 17 Great Shearwater. I noticed that the Chaffinch had increased in numbers just below the window. It was while counting the finches with my naked eye, that I caught the Pallid Swift very low over the garden with 2 Swallow. Two new species for the garden in the space of a few minutes! Ideal! At 18.35, I got a call from John Chappel letting me know that they had the Pallid Swift roosting in the large pine by Sanderlings. When I got there, it was dark but you could make out the swift hanging on to a open twig, exposd to the strong winds as it was being swung around. It could of choose a much better place to roost like Star Castle. Be interesting to see if it is still present tomorrow at first light.

A record shot of the Pallid Swift at Star Castle

The Pallid Swift taking off birders heads off with the roof of Star Castle behind

Yesterday, this Osprey flew over the garden but at the time I was standing a stones throw away on the football pitch when I took this pic

Also had this Ring Ouzel nearby

Then I got home, looked out from my window and was totally shocked to see this Jack Snipe showing surperbly and was still present at dusk.

2 Grey Wagtail also shared the scrape with the Jack Snipe

At the moment I’ve got up to 25 Chaffinch visiting the garden

Snipe at Lower Moors

Two days ago, I had this Spotted Flycatcher at Rose Hill

Voters From Boris Johnson’s Constituency React To His Return!

While Johnson is on anoter jolly abroad, these fools who support him think he should be back in power What is wrong with these Tory voters? A reporter from Sky News visited Uxbridge, Boris Johnson’s constituency, where the reaction from voters was surprising. The MP has been on holiday more often than not, but many interviewed seemed to think it would be great to have him back.

48,036 views Oct 23 2022


120K subscribers SUBSCRIBED A reporter from Sky News visited Uxbridge, Boris Johnson’s constituency, where the reaction from voters was surprising. The MP has been on holiday more often than not, but many interviewed seemed to think it would be great to have him back. Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –

3rd PECHORA PIPIT for Scilly!

19th October 2022

After identifying the second Scilly record of PECHORA PIPIT in 2016, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would find one in the field until today when I picked up this individual at Content, first by call at Content.

Yesterday at 17.30, I was feeding the pigs when a call came through from Patrick Lanaway letting me know himself, Ivor Thomas and Gordon Macdonald had a Booted Warbler in the moat at the front of Star Castle! After a few minutes after arriving on site, I had brief views before it started to perform well out in the open which is typical behaviour of this species. I was busy trying to get a record shot, cuz the light was shite, when I looked behind me and got spoked by some 30-40 birders. Where did they all come from in less than ten minutes of the news being put out? Satisfied with what I had got on the warbler, I moved off after 45 minutes and finished the day off patting my pigs. Before all this happened, I kicked the Telegraph white mustard field and got good flight views of the Bluethroat that’s been in the field with a Little Bunting since the 16th. I only got a glimpse of the Bluethroat the day before. There was also with 5 Stonechat, a single Whinchat and nearby, 3 Wheatear. Overhead, some 20 Siskin and a single Brambling moved through SE.

This Whinchat was showing off a lot better than the Bluethroat at Telegraph, 18th

Didn’t espect to see two Booted Warbler this autunm after this individual turning up only a stones throw away from my home.

Booted Warbler twitch just before dark at the SW of Star Castle, 18th

At 15.30 this afternoon in the foggy conditions, with other birders present, I repeated again in kicking the Bluethroat field but there was no sign. However, a single Woodlark flew through, SW. Over an hour later, after doing a taxi, I thought I would try the Content fields and as a result a vocal Lapland Bunting moved through NW towards the golf course. No more flying for the rest of the day and I took my time walking the fields. At the end of Content Lane, I could hear a Reed Bunting in the White Mustard fields. I walked the west track bordering the three fields and observed up to 3 vocal Reed Bunting very briefly in flight before dropping into cover. I was playing football in 30 minutes and started returning back to Content Lane. 24 hrs almost on the dot, 17.20, after yesterdays Booted Warbler, it was while I was approaching the lane that I caught what I thought was the call of a Pechora Pipit. I even said out loud ‘Pechora Pipit!’ I looked to my left, where the call came from and just got onto the butt end of a small pipit over a Pittosporum hedge and appeared to drop into the next field. A hundred year ago in ’96, the rarity finder, Chris Heard, turned up the latter species at St Leven, Cornwall. I came off Scilly and with Steve Young, we got it on the deck out in the open on a track with a handful of Meadow Pipit. It was when it flew off calling that I thought, shit! That sounds like no other pipit I’ve heard before and ever since then, it’s always stuck in my mind. I was thinking at the time that I might just pick one on call over Shropshire! In my dreams. Returning back to the pipit that I had just heard once, I slowly started walking in the long-wet grass on the north edge of the field. I had only done a few steps when a pipit flew into the very low branches of the Elms out in the open in front of me. I immediately lifted my bins and I can’t repeat what I said out loud, but it was something like ‘Fu£%*n hell, it’s a PECHORA PIPIT!!!’ I quickly swapped my bins for my camera and fired off three shots before it made a short flight, always calling, with Meadow Pipits and seemed to come down at the far end of the field. I immediately put the news out and then went and played football. Well, that’s what I would of liked to have done but this mega pipit would cause panic and chaos. After lining all the birders on the west track of the field, Scott Ried and I went into the three fields and gave it our best shot in trying to flush it out. As Pechora’s have a habit of staying put, rather like a Jack Snipe, this could prove to be hard work. Sure enough, there was no sign and either the pipit flew off or we could of been meters away from it and it waited for us to pass before continuing feeding. Who knows? But I got a record shot of this Fair Isle speciality which saves me doing a description as I’m shite at doing one of those on any species. The only other Pechora Pipit that I’ve ever seen, was an individual that I identified in the hand at Porth Hellick, 24th September 2015. As a result, a number of local birders ticked off this mega pipit and it could prove to be the only one they see on the islands.

The following morning there was no sign of the Booted Warbler. Instead it was replaced by this Siskin feeding on the deck

There were very small numbers of Siskin seen throughout the day including this individual at Rose Hill


Will The REAL Jeremy Hunt Please Stand Up?

According to political commentators across the spectrum, this month’s new chancellor of the exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, now has more political power than Liz Truss. He’s reset the government’s agenda by undoing nearly everything that Truss has done since becoming Prime Minister. The narrative we’re being asked to believe is that Hunt is a safe pair of hands, a stand up guy, and an accomplished politician. But it’s not only his complete ignorance of economics and fiscal policy that bothers me. Just add those factors to a long list of other reasons why Jeremy Hunt is unfit to be our de facto Prime Minister.

11,552 views Oct 19, 2022


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I appreciate all of you who share my videos with friends and social media to get the word out there. Together, let’s bring this extreme right wing government to an end. I am also so grateful for the generosity of my Superthanks contributors, who help meet the cost of my research expenses and allow me to continue with this channel. Unlike GB News, Times TV, or those ultra right wing “think tanks” that are always on the telly, I receive no hidden funding. Or any funding, come to that, except from the YouTube partner programme Hitting the Like button and subscribing to the channel is also really helpful to me, as it tells YouTube to share my videos with a wider audience. Subscribe here:… Follow me at LESS

American Buff-bellied Pipit at Normandy

17th October 2022

After goin missing for nearly a week, Ian Grant relocted this American Buff-bellied Pipit at Normandy. Just up road from where it was last sighted at Carn Friars.

Two days ago, Rik Anderson indentified a Wilson’s Snipe at Porth Hellick and due to work, today I was hopping to try and get down there. However, when Ian Grant relocated the American Buff-bellied Pipit this afternoon at Normandy in fields bordering the road, on my second attempt, I pulled up and immediatly had it in the bag. Ideal! Before returning back to work. I had a quick peep at Wilson’s Snipe, which was on the far side of the pool from the hide. Earlier on in the morning, I had a look at the Common Rosefinch in the Sycmores on the lane down to Newman’s House that’s been present since last week.

A record shot of the Common Rosefinch near to Newman’s House

This American Buff-bellied Pipit was hanging at with a handful of Meadow Pipit at Normandy

I had this Firecrest (top) and Yellow-browed Warbler at Helvier a few days ago

As I’ve got up to 12 Chaffinch, 30 Collared Dove and a large flock of sparrows and Starling and from two to 4 Pheasant in the garden, I’ve now got a male and female Sparrowhawk regulery visiting the garden.

I also spotted this Icelandic Redwing at Borough Farm

Only small numbers of Meadow Pipit around at the moment

Peter Oborne Absolutely DEMOLISHES Liz Truss

Liz Truss is FINISHED & may have DESTROYED the Conservative Party altogether” She maybe gone but the Tory Party is still for the super rich, no matter who takes over as PM.

431,263 views Oct 16, 2022


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Full 33min interview with Oborne on Truss ►… Join the Future of Journalism ► Support DDN ►…SHOW LESS


13th October 2022

John Judge did the business for every birder present on Scilly in finding this stonking BLACKBURNINAN WARBLER at Popplestone fields, Bryher and didn’t it show off for those present.

This morning started off well with Woodlark, Melodious and Barred Warbler being discovered on St Mary’s. It was the latter species that I managed to see well at the Standing Stones field in the twenty minutes I had on my way to the airport. In the north side in the Sallows it performed well. After this I was tied up with work and no time to go birding. However, this came to halt when just after 13.00, news broke of the forth BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER for Britain on Bryher! The boss didn’t hesitate and told me to go for it but I had to wait, due to low tide, another two hours to get across. In this time, Dulcie let me know, as she was already on Bryher, that she had already seen the warbler and told me that it’s so bright, even without the bins!! Was I goin to dip it and get gripped off by my girlfriend? I carried on doing taxes and then shortly afterwards, joined the line of birders at the quay to get on to the Surprise. It was close to 16.00 when we touched Anaquay and after seeing Dulcie, I ran like the devil and still managed to be one of the first five to attach ourselves to the 200 strong crowd in the Popplestone fields. It wasn’t long until it was picked up just above us in a Pittosporum hedge. It played hard to get, but I got some full on views with the bins out in the open and it was a stonking 1st winter male showing off its bright yellow throat with two white prominent white wing-bars. After this all I wanted to do is at least get a record shot. Nearly two hours later, it had showed off but it was my last click of the day that I got the shot I wanted, despite a bloody twig in the way. Awesome afternoon spent with a BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER and catching up with many friends with bear hugs all around. Bryher does it again after another first for Scilly in March, Crag Martin. And thanks to the main man, John Judge on this mega find.

This Barred Warbler performed well in the Standing Stones field mid-morning

It don’t get better than this! Skokholm gets a Tennessee Warbler Co.Clare, a Myrtle Warbler and Scilly takes over with this beauty, BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER!

Cracking Olive-backed Pipit yesterday at Trenoweth

Nearby I had this Willow Warbler

The Shady Groups Shaping Government Policy

21,197 views Oct 8, 2022


21.8K subscribers SUBSCRIBED

Now that the ringmaster, Boris Johnson, has gone – in the Tory circus, the lions are eating the clowns. As the UK economy faces economic collapse, and the devaluation of the British pound exacerbates the cost of living crisis, Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng are being chewed up and soon spat out. They have no mandate from the parliamentary TORY party, let alone the electorate at large. They are merely useful idiots, funded and instructed by libertarian organisations with opaque funding, generally headquartered in Tufton Street, conveniently situated near the houses of parliament. These are the same dark money lobby groups that brought you Brexit, the ERG, Boris Johnson and now the Truss – Kwarteng tragi-comedy. I appreciate all of you who share my videos with friends and social media to get the word out there. Together, let’s bring this extreme right wing government to an end. I am also grateful for the generosity of my Superthanks contributors, who help meet the cost of my research expenses, and allow me to continue with this channel. Unlike GB News, Times TV, or those ultra right wing “think tanks” that are always on the telly, I receive no hidden funding. Or any funding, come to that, except from the YouTube partner programme Hitting the Like button and subscribing to the channel is also really helpful to me, as it tells YouTube to share my videos with a wider audience. Subscribe here:… Follow me at LESS

Red-eyed Vireo at Helvear

11th October 2022

I discovered this Red-eyed Vireo this afternoon, while having an hour off work, at Helvear

A cracker of a day! Dulcie and I had arranged to go and join the guys at the ringing station at Porth Hellick. It was like a late summers day, very warm with a slight breeze. Before we got to the station, they had trapped a Little Bunting and after seeing it close up in the hand, we watched it fly off into cover nearby when released. The rest of the day was spent at work while Dulcie took advantage of the calm conditions and went out kayaking. For the last week, common migrants have been scarce but throughout the first half the day it was obvious that things had changed with Firecrests, Black Redstarts, Redwings, Siskins, Bramblings all new in.

This is the second little Bunting that I seen in the hand at Porth Hellick

At 13.00 I had an hour to kill and made my way up to the NE of the island. Kicking the fields in the Borough Farm area and it was obvious there were an increase in Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Meadow Pipit. I didn’t have a lot time left before I had to return back to work and decided the last half an hour I would search in the Helviear area. I reached the tall sycamores, just north of the paddocks and feeding in the sun with small numbers of Chiffchaff were a single Willow and Yellow-browed Warbler. However, it was what I thought was a larger warbler that got me goin as I caught it tumble down in a gap of the Sycamores and thought I had got a hippo warbler. I put my bins up ‘Shit! it’s a bloody Red-eyed Vireo!!!’ I wasn’t expecting that on the books. It disappeared but was out in the open after I had only pished for a few seconds. I pished again and it flew directly for me, almost takin my head off and flew into cover in the hedgerow behind me. For the next two minutes I observed it at close range as it proved to be mobile moving south along the hedgerow towards Peaceheaven. The first person I contacted was my girlfriend but she was out kayaking out near Tean. I immediately put the news out and then ran like the devil as now I was late for work. As I rushed off, I kicked my first 2 Redwing of the autumn out of the Hawthorns and 3 Swallow flew through. Shortly afterwards of leaving the sight, the vireo was seen again by a few and only briefly, back in the Sycamores.

So delighted in finding this corker at Helvear My first Red-eyed Vireo that I ever saw, was at the Lizard in 91 and was my favourite bird that I had seen. That was until I saw my first Perula Warbler the following year on St Mary’s

Lots more Goldcrest in today

This Radde’s Warbler turned up at Old Town Church, 9th. It was almost dark when I saw it but it showed very well briefly. Just a shame that someone shouting like a fog horn, instructing everyone what to do, including members of the public, from the 30-40 crowd, upset everyone present.

Last week this Sparrowhawk took out one of the 30 Collard Doves visiting the garden and showed off meters away from the window



Blue Tit



Liz Truss: The Oligarch’s Prime Minister | George Monbiot

Welcome to Oligarch Island Full 29min Interview with George Monbiot on Liz Truss

This is an exceptional summary of the moment we’re in

314,448 views Oct 4, 2022


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