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Baird’s Sandpiper on Tresco

9th September 2022

Just over two hours on Tresco and connected with the Baird’s Sandpiper and this Citrine Wagtail on the Great Pool

Finished work reasonably early and arrived at Tresco South Beach just after 16.40. I was soaked to the bone after kayaking across from St Mary’s in the very choppy conditions. The Abbey Pool was very quiet with only 3 Black-tailed Godwit and an unusual sightings for this time of year, a juvenile Common Gull with some 12 Mediterranean Gull. However, just across the road, in a few minutes of scanning there were the Spotted Crake, 2 Ruff, 4 Green Sandpiper and to my surprise, got the Citrine Wagtail that turned up a few days ago. The wagtail was hard to get as it played hide and seek in the foot of the reeds at the edge of the water. It was while trying to obtain pics of it that I could see the Spotted Crake in the east side of the pool. It wasn’t long until I was in the Swarovski Hide, skipping past the David Hunt Hide because of time, and from the former hide to the left was the Pectoral Sandpiper and a single Snipe . It was in the far SW corner that I could see a group of waders distantly. They were all silhouetted from the sun but I could still make out the mixed bunch. With 7 Dunlin were 2 Curlew Sandpiper, single Little Stint and the Baird’s Sandpiper. This was confirmed when they circled the pool only to return to the same feeding area as where they had took off from.

The Citrine Wagtail never came out into the open. Instead spending in the few minutes that I observed it, at the foot of the reed stems.

This Spotted Crake has been present in the same area of the SE of the Great Pool for nearly month now with another individual still being uncounted from well Cover

Unusual record for this time of year was this juvenile Common Gull on the Abbey Pool with 12 Mediterranean Gull

Out of the 2 Pectoral Sandpiper from the last week, only this individual has remained on the Great Pool

There were only a handful of Dunlin on the two pools

Green Sandpiper

Before hitting Tresco, I got a brief view of the Red-backed Shrike at Carn Friars

Small numbers of Kestrel have arrived in the last week or so


Sedge Warbler

Linnet numbers are starting to build up

Liz Truss, Delivering Corruption & Incompetence

According to a poll by YouGov last week, more than half the British electorate think she will make a poor or terrible prime minister, with Terrible being by far the most common response. I really appreciate my viewers sharing this video to get the word out there. Together, let’s bring this extreme right wing government to an end.

31,993 views Sep 10, 2022


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Author: Kris Webb 10

I love to throw sticks at trees! I also can’t get enough of music! I also blog about my observations on Scilly and wherever I go around the world and what’s sometimes on my mind. I’ve visited over 30 countries and some more times than once. I’ve worked and volunteered in Nepal, USA, Peru, Gambia, Costa Rica, 3x Australia, and refugee camps in Palestine The profile image is one I took while in Palestine of a brave Israeli holding high the Palestinian flag in front of the Israeli Offensive Forces during protests in Belin

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