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Booted Warbler at Higher Moors

28th August 2022

I wasn’t expecting to bump into this Booted Warbler down at Higher Moors this morning

From a NE yesterday to blustery SEE overnight, it felt promising this morning when I got out later than I wanted. The first two sites I tried and not a single migrant. However, at 09.20, I was entering Higher Moors from the road and Willow and Reed Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, were active in the Sallows and Willows with single Whitethroat, Garden Warbler and Pied Flycatcher. I caught, what I thought was a phyllosc, fly up into a large isolated Willow. It was when I got my bins on it, I calmly said out loud ‘Shit! Booted Warbler‘ Only to see it drop deep into the vegetation below out of sight. It’s a Booted Warbler, it will be out in the open on top showing off. The next 30 seconds, it just did that before flying off strongly over the track and into cover. There was a few of us searching but not a sniff and I moved on. An hour later, I was at Carn Friars when a Red-backed Shrike popped up in front of me. Ideal! The shrike proved very mobile and only glimpsed by others when they arrived but they had all seen the Booted Warbler well. Other than the shrike, there was nothin much else goin on except for 2 Common Sandpiper on the pool. I returned to the Higher Moors to find a small crowd but there had been no sign of the Booted warbler but the Great Spotted Woodpecker was still in the area that I thought I discovered a few days ago. However, speaking to Doug Page today, he told me that he had the woodpecker on St Agnes on the 14th August.

I wasn’t expecting to find this Booted Warbler this morning and it turned out to be the first record on Scilly since Keith Pellows individual at Peninnis Head some twelve years ago!

This Pied Flycatcher was at the top end of Higher Moors

Less than 10 Willow Warbler in the area

Reed Warbler

This Blue Tit appears to have three tails!!

After an hour of finding the Booted Warbler, I went and discovered this Red-backed Shrike at Carn Friars

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Richie Aston and species of note included at Salkee, 2 Tree Pipit and a single Whinchat. The Dead Pine Walk could only produce 2 Spotted Flycatcher and a single Pied Flycatcher. Finally news came out that the Booted Warbler was back again at Higher Moors.It was late in the evening that I was walking the fields at Telegraph and after three days of no sign, that I flushed the Hoopoe with no idea it was there. It flew into the pines where I guess it would of roosted. Yet again, another cracking day and I was thinking of so close to goin kayaking instead.

My first Whinchat of the autumn was at Salkee

Meadow Pipit

A recently fledged Swallow


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Author: Kris Webb 10

I love to throw sticks at trees! I also can’t get enough of music! I also blog about my observations on Scilly and wherever I go around the world and what’s sometimes on my mind. I’ve visited over 30 countries and some more times than once. I’ve worked and volunteered in Nepal, USA, Peru, Gambia, Costa Rica, 3x Australia, and refugee camps in Palestine The profile image is one I took while in Palestine of a brave Israeli holding high the Palestinian flag in front of the Israeli Offensive Forces during protests in Belin

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