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CORN BUNTING at Porth Hellick

9th May 2022

This singing male Wood Warbler performed very well in the five minutes that I observed it at Innisidgen on the 3rd May.

As I was up just after 06.00 this morning, I decided to get out and after a bite to eat and a coffee, I arrived at Porth Hellick. It was some twenty minutes later, while I was at the east side of the pool, that a Tree Pipit flew SW followed five minutes later by a CORN BUNTING that I picked up by call coming in from the south. It dropped like a stone and sat on top of the Sallows, boarding the NE end of the pool, and was very vocal when I had to go. I guess it had maybe just arrived in off the sea? I could still hear it from the road as I returned to my wagon. Fog at Lands End, put flights on hold but on Scilly it was clear as a bell and as result, I had time to kill. A male Golden Oriole has been resident at Carreg Dhu Gardens for the last five days and on my third attempt, I heard it singing in the east pines. Shortly afterwards, Scott Reid had 3 Turtle Dove at Porth Hellck at the same time that was on 2 Turtle Dove in fields at Telegraph.

After a brief spell of SE yesterday, the last species on my mind today was finding this CORN BUNTING at Porth Hellick in a light SW. Only my third Scilly record with the last sighting in spring 2017. This bunting is the rarest bird I’ve turned up so far this spring after the Black-eared Wheatear.

Mid-morning and I was doin taxis back and forth to the airport but I still managed to get the Osprey later in the afternoon, first seen over Sunnyside by other observers, at Pelistry and then I lost it behind the Helvear pines heading west. The 3 Turtle Dove had been relocated in a field at Sunnyside Farm where I caught up with them with also a Swift flying south. After dinner, the 2 Turtle Dove at Telegraph that I had earlier, were now up to three while nearby on the golf course there were some 30 Wheatear with a single Golden Plover.

I connected with this Osprey at Pelestry after being first seen by others at Sunnyside.

The 3 Turtle Dove at Sunnyside were always distant

Later on, I had up to 30 Wheatear at the golf course

Love Wood Warblers and this individual, discovered by Graham Cunsdale, 3rd May, was singing non stop and showed off for me in the small group of Sallows at Helvear Hill but spent a lot of time in the shade in the very short time that I was there.

Yesterday on my day off in a SE, all I could manage were 2 White Wagtail, a fly over Turtle Dove, NW over Lower Moors and 2 Tree Pipit, which included sightings on the Garrison, above pic and at the stables.

Also small numbers of Meadow Pipit appear to be breeding on St Mary’s

My first Comma Butterfly of the year was this very tatty individual at Carreg Dhu Gardens a few days ago

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