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Costa Rice Day 65

11th March 2022

This is the only Wood Thrush that’s remained out the four individuals that wintered on the patch/ I can always find it near to the edge of the primary forest. I’m sure it will be off north in the next week or two.

Yesterday, I left the patch after two hours of birding as I had a lot of things to get on with and there was nothing of interest to report anyway. From the patch, it takes me less than a minute to walk along the road back to the hostel. In that time, a white 18 seater bus passed me. How did I know it was an 18 seater? Steve Bird and Gina Nichol, owner of were on the bus with clients and spotted me as they drove passed! Now what is the chances of that happening in that 50 seconds of me being on the road? Steve contacted me later on to let me know that they saw this scruffy looking tramp ahead of them and as they got closer they realised that it was me!!

No new species added to the patch list in the last two days and no sign of the Striped Owl either. However, the Purple Gallinule reappeared and there were up to three Empidonaxx flycatcher including the second record of Least, the Yellow-bellied and the Willow Flycatcher.

I got out late this morning, 09.00 and returned back to the hostel some five hours later. On the west side of note, there were 2 Bare-throated Tiger Heron, a male Painted Bunting, the Purple Gallinule and the Willow Flycatcher but it was pretty quiet in the center of the patch.

Now on it’s tenth day, this Willow Flycatcher is still present under the tall mallows on the west side

There was an immature and this adult Bare-throated Tiger Heron at the West Pond

There are a pair of Olivaous Piculet breeding on the patch

With a mix of yank warblers there was a Yellow-throated Vireo and nearby, the second record of Least Flycatcher, were both new in by the river. In the banana plantation, yesterdays Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was still present. Out of the motmot influx, only a single Broad-billed Motmot on the edge of the primary forest and the Ochre-belled Flycatcher was still in song but no sign of the Bright-rumped Attila. Still present at the end of the day were, the Tropical Pewee, Wood Thrush, American Redstart, still 3 Northern Waterthrush and at least 7 Dusky-capped and 4 Yellow-olive Flycatcher. Just as I was leaving at the entrance of the patch, there was a single Russet-napped Wood Rail. As I’m writing this, the rain is coming down hard. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a few migrants in like there was last week during and after the storm.

This Least Flycatcher by the river was only the second Patch sighting

The Wood Thrush is still hanging out at the edge of the primary forest

Chestnut-sided Warbler still in double figures

There are still up to 3 Northern Waterthrush including this individual by the North Pond

Numbers of Yellow-olive Flycatcher are still high with at least four individuals

And up to 7 Dusky-capped Flycatcher

As usual, this Russet-napped Wood Rail showed off at very close range at the entrance of the patch

This Three-toed Sloth was taking it’s time hanging out by the river

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Mar 11, 2022


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