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Costa Rica Day 54 La Fortuna

28th February 2022

I never thought I would get a Great Antshrike on my local patch over a month ago and I really didn’t think that it would be followed by not one but 3 Fasciated Antshrike this morning!

I returned to La Fortuna for the forth time because I like the town, Rio Danta Hostel where I’m staying at and I was missing my local Costa Rican birding patch. For the first time in nearly a month, at 07.00, at last, I entered the patch opposite the hostel where I’m staying at. I was thinking that I might be lucky in getting maybe a new species for the site. How wrong was I? It turned out to be an awesome morning with a few seconds and four new species, including a lifer for the area! These included Stripe-throated Hermit, Broad-winged Hawk, Buff-rumped Warbler and the lifer was up to 3 Fasciated Antshrike!

It started off slow but mixed in with the tanagers was only my third record of a White-lined Tanager. It was a good two hours gone and for my effort so far for only covering maybe two out of the six hectors of note were, 2 each of Dark-striped and Orange-billed Sparrow, Golden-olive, Smoky, Black-cheeked and Hoffman’s Woodpecker and a single Olivaceous Piculet. As I observed a Great Egret dropping in, I spotted a Broad-winged Hawk over the banana plantation before moving out west.

Male White-lined Tanager

The first Broad-winged Hawk over the banana plantation was the first for the patch

This corking male Golden-winged Warbler gave cracking views at head hight at the edge of the primary forest

The 2 Rufous-tailed Jacamar were still making sallies from the same perches by the River Danta as they did when I last saw them both when I left for the SE of Costa Rica nearly a month ago. It was by the river that it really came alive. First a Buff-rumped Warbler hung out with Northern Waterthrush on the rivers edge followed by the very tiny showy Stripe-throated Hermit. Adding two new site species in five minutes and still on the hermit, I picked up a pair antshrike. the antshrike half hidden in cover, I was thinking that there more than likely the pair of Barred Antshrike I had earlier nearby. I lifted my bins to find that they were in fact Fasciated Antshrike! Ideal! Both showed well as they moved quickly through. They had just disappeared close by when I could hear a distance antshrike. I knew it wasn’t the closely related Barred Shrike and discovered that it was another male Fasciated antshrike!! I stuck around the river for a while and got just a single Blue-black Grosbeak and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

Male Barred Antshrike

While observing my first Fasciated Antshrike, a pair by the river, distantly I could hear a vocal male!

And the forth new species of the day for the patch included this Buff-rumped Warbler at the rivers edge

It had gone 13.00 and needed to get back to my digs. It was while returning through the centre that my second site record of a Short-tailed Hawk flew south and 2 Russet-napped Woodrail showed off at armlengths away from me on the path! As usual. After a cracking morning, I was gona return in the afternoon but found myself instead relaxing at the hostel. There’s always tomorrow to look forward to I guess.

Only the second site record of Short-tailed Hawk

2 Russet-napped Woodrail showed off on the path at very close range

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