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Costa Rica Day 48

23rd February 2022

Not one but 2 Speckled Owl together down by the river and both showed superbly

My eighth day at Bolita Rainforest Hostel and it’s time to sadly go. A quick look at the garden and Grey-headed, White-shouldered Tanager, and both a male Orange-collared and Red-capped Manakin appeared. A female of the latter species was nearby where there were also te everyday species that hang out near to the hostel..

There were 2 Grey-headed Tanager in the garden

Female Red-capped Manakin

Male Red-capped Manakin made a final appearance in the garden just before leaving

Reluctant to leave the hostel, I made my way through the humid forest on the La Casa Trail down to the River Tigre. It took me over an hour to reach the Tigre as I was distracted by reptiles and birds. This included a Blunt-nosed and Green Tree Anole. While the birds were single White-whiskered Puffbird, 2 Black-throated Trogon and 2 Buff-rumped Warbler. On the river there were 5 White Ibis, Northern Waterthrush and Black-tailed Flycatcher I had an hour to kill before my motorbike taxi arrived. My time was spent trying to relocate the Speckled Owl that I had a few days ago and to my pleasant surprise, there were 2 Speckled Owl!! Both birds showed very well and after a good five minutes, I left them alone. Before I got to the village of Dos Brazo, where I was goin to be picked up, I got a lifer, possibly two. Streaked and Western or Eastern Wood Pewee. The latter species can only really be separated unless observed well and heard to call which it didn’t.

The advantage of travelling with only a school kids back pack, supported by Stoke City on the back, is that you can travel on smaller transport, like a motorbike taxi. It cost me £4 to Peruto Jimenze instead of the £14 that I payed to get to Doz Braso.

And I get to Puerto Jimenze and finally get wifi to discover that Putin has invaded Ukraine!!

White-whiskered Puffbird

Green Tree Anole

Blunt-nosed Anole

There were 2 Speckled Owl down by the river

My first Streaked Flycatcher

Was followed by this Western or Eastern Wood-Pewee Unfortunately it never called while observing it.

Secondary Forest along the Cicique Trail

I like I said before, I can’t recommend Bolita Rainforest Hostel enough and this is the view you will wake up to every morning from the upstairs common Room. I might return in a few days

I leave Peruto Jimenze in a few days and I hope that the bus I’ll be travelling doesn’t break down like this one did when half way to the Peruto

And no I don’t support Stoke City, especially when my cousin played for Port Vale after leaving West Brom. This is Graham Gordon with his travelling bag at his side and that small kiddies bag, that’s mine. With camera, bins and laptop all cosy inside. Believe me, it’s a great way to travel in a hot country like Costa Rica.

In a week when we needed honesty in UK politics Boris Johnson misled MP’s for the SEVENTH time


Feb 25, 2022

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