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Costa Rica Day 34

9th February 2022

This Crocodile, over two meters long, was too far away swimming in the river mouth of the Uvita, for me to jump on top of it this time

This morning, I decided to follow the river downstream over a mile from the mouth and hopefully turn up some ideal species and maybe another Crocodile to jump on. Ten minutes from the hostel and I came across a busy fruit tree with Yellow and Tennessee Warblers, Hooded, Palm and Grey and Blue Tanagers, Northern Orioles, Bananaquit, Common Tody Flycatcher and 4 Red-legged Honeycreeper. While below there was a single Dark-striped Sparrow. I thought I would stick it out for twenty minutes and see what else comes in. Single Olivaceous Piculet, a pair of Think-billed Euphonia, a male Painted Bunting and a female Blue Dicnis. I moved on and my first new species of the day were a small flock of Yellow-bellied Seedeater. As I continued towards the river, birds were very active moving through at the side of the road and it was at a corner that I got a better view than yesterday of a Isthain wren. It was while trying to get some pics of the wren that a pair of Black-hooded Antshrike appeared, followed by a single American Redstart and Lesser Eleana. Shortly afterwards, the second new species of the day popped up, a Scrub Greenlet briefly.

It was good to see a cracking male Painted Bunting again

I’ve seen a few Dark-striped Sparrow while I’ve been in Costa Rica and this individual is the only one that has shown well out in the open

I saw a Lesser Greenlet earlier but this Scrub Greenlet was a first for me.

Crossing the river that was ankle deep and was covered in 1000s up on 1000s of tadpoles! Reaching the otherside, I took the path at the side before moving down to the stony shore. It was not until nearly an hour that I started seeing birds of note on a bend where the river was at its widest with small stony islands all over the shop. In the shallows were 4 Northern Jacana, Spotted and Least Sandpiper, Turnstone and a single Willet. 2 Little Blue Heron were the first of the trip and a pair of Amazon Kingfisher showed well. After this I was seeing the same species again from yesterday until I reached the mouth of the river. Here, there wasn’t just a Hudsonian Whimbrel but over two meters long, a Crocodile! Swimming near to the opposite shore towards the mouth before disappearing under the water. I relocated it again goin in the opposite direction from before, downstream and now in the middle of the river. Again it went under and despite waiting around for a while, there was no sign of it again. At the channel nearest to the sea, I crossed the river again and made my way to where I thought the Crocodile might have disappeared. Still no sign of the large reptile but instead I came across fresh footprints of what looked like a large cat! Jaguar maybe? A single Bare-throated Tiger and Great Blue Heron were on the far shore with 3 Neurotropic Cormorant. While only meters away from me, I observed Spotted and Least Sandpiper, Semi-palmated Plover, 3 Willet and the 2 Mangrove Swallow that were still present from yesterday. It was gone 14.00 and I went in search of shade as I couldn’t stand it anymore out in the open. Also hiding from the sun were 2 Northern Waterthrush and another pair of Black-hooded Antshrike. Returning home along the track I took yesterday, where I nearly got killed by a Crocodile or Caiman and Rottweilers, a group of Bronzy Cowbird showed well and there were singles of Yellow-bellied Seedeater dotted around. Back at the hostel while relaxing and a Grey-cowled Wood Rail showed itself in the garden just before dark.

Over two meters long this Crocodile patrolled the mouth of the river

I counted up to 4 Willet altogether

Other totals included 15+Spotted Sandpiper

6 Least Sandpiper, above with an equal number of Turnstone

4 Semi-palmated Plover

A single Killdeer was a mile down river The last time I saw this plover was of the four individuals for a week in the garden of the house I was living at for a month in Flordia

There were also 6 Wood Ibis up and down the river

Also 4 Reddish Egret

While the Tricoloured Heron favoured the mouth of the river

A pair of Amazon Kingfisher showed well up river

While others were out to sea, 3 Magnificent Frigatebird came to plunge elegantly into the water to bath at the mouth of the river

Fresh footprints of probably a Jaguar, on the shores at the mouth of the River Uvita

8 Bronzy Cowbird were in the same garden where I almost got ripped apart yesterday

Got back to my hostel and took this pic of a Grey-cowled Wood Rail from my room

Looking south across Uvita Beach and only fishermen with the River Uvita flowing in from the right of the picture

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Feb 10, 2022


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