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Fin Whale off Morning Point

November 29th 2021

Yesterday, this Fin Whale was feeding with a large pod of Common Dolphin, viewed close in off Morning Point.

For the third time in nine days, yesterday in the dull, calm conditions, it was another kayak out to Tresco. The first thirty minutes of birding I had already seen the 8 pale-bellied Brent Geese on the Abbey Pool and at the crossroads, 5 Siberian Chiffchaff, single Firecrest and the Eastern Lesser Whitethroat and Northern ‘type’ Willow Warbler. The two latter species, I was hoping to spend some time with. However, like on my last visit here, five days ago, they were only glimpsed as they both moved on. The Glossy Ibis flew over and perched at the top of the trees high up out of sight. There was a report of a Black-throated Diver off the South Beach. I scanned from the shore, no sign of the diver, instead, there was a Great Northern Diver. I moved on and a few minutes later I was approaching the Rosefields Crossroads where I could hear the Dusky Warbler in the Sallows to my right. It was very vocal and showed well but getting a photo was another thing altogether. And that can also be said of the same for the individual near to the David Hunt Hide. Vocal but no chance of a pic. So there are still 2 Dusky Warbler present in the same areas as to where I had them on the 20th of November. Will they winter?

Many of the images below are a mix from today and my last visit to Tresco, five days ago, 24th

When I first saw this Willow Warbler five days ago, 24th, at the Abbey Crossroads, Tresco, I thought a Northern ‘type’ However, it could just be a late Willow Warbler. I had a single once on the 6th December

Crossing the channel in my kayak from St Mary’s to Tresco and there were up to 12 Mediterranean Gull including this adult

By the time I had arrived at the David Hunt Hide, I had already counted up to 12 Siberian Chiffchaff

Glossy Ibis over Abbey wood

I went to the South Beach, no sign of the reported Black-throated Diver but there was this Great Northern Diver

There are still 2 Dusky Warbler hanging on, including at Rosefields Crossroads and this individual near to the David Hunt Hide. The pic is from the 24th.

From the Swarovski Hide, scanning the Great Pool, there were still present, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbill, 2 Pintail, 5 Wigeon, the male Shoveler, Grey wagtail, LESSER SCAUP but no sign of the 6 Whooper Swan. Teal had increased to 65. Outside I could hear more of both Chiffchaff and Siberian chiffchaff and nearby I came across a small flock of finches including 7 Brambling. On the south side of the pool, it was pretty quiet along Abbey Drive and I drew a blank with both the Whitethroat and Willow Warbler back at the Abbey Crossroads after giving it forty minutes. Approaching my kayak, parked on the South Beach and there were 2 Yellow-legged Gull hanging out with a very high number for this time of year, some 150 Lesser Black-backed Gull. I returned home just before dark to find the Grey Wagtail in the garden.

It was obvious that there were fewer numbers of Chiffchaff from 35 from my last visit to 20-25 today

I had 3 Siberian Chiffchaff in the same tree but could only get these two in the same frame At the end of the day, altogether there was a total of 15+Siberian chiffchaff but probably close to twenty.

Only 7 Brambling today

Just before I got into my kayak to return home, I scanned the gulls and picked out these 2 Yellow-legged Gull The adult was taken from the kayak

Also on the 24th, this Yellow-browed Warbler was the only one present at the Abbey Crossroads out of the three that were in the areama few days before but no sign today

Also on the 24th, I found the cattle and discovered that there are now 2 Cattle Egret off Pool Road

There were also 5 Red Admiral enjoying the brief sunshine that day

Yesterday I was checking out the Herring Gulls at Morning Point and spotted a HerringxLesser Black-backed Gull Scanning out SE towards Peninnis and there was a large pod of Common Dolphin hunting, moving west towards me. Shortly afterward I got a call from Martin telling me that Paul Whitaker has got a Fin whale very close in off Peninnis Head. I searched like crazy for the next half an hour but it was only the dolphins that I was seeing. After nearly an hour I was just about to leave when Graham Gordon called me. I had only been chatting to him for less than a minute when with my naked eye, I could see the whale at close range. I cut Graham off and just got some record shots as it was slowly disappearing under the water. Later on, I observed it again, further out east of Spanish Ledge with the dolphins. Are we goin to have another spectacular whale show in the next few months, like we did last winter?

Sub-adult HerringxLesser Black-backed Gull

What a beast! The Fin Whale giving me a pass off Morning Point or is it a submarine?

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