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Western Bonelli’s Warbler on the Garrison

4th September 2021

I discovered this Western Bonelli’s Warbler this morning on the Garrison in the same pine, on the same branch, behind the cadet hut where I first found the Greenish Warbler less than two weeks ago! Now what are the chances of that?

The foggy conditions put the planes on hold and I found myself on the Dead Pine walk. I was chatting to Ren on the mobile and telling him what I had seen within minutes of birding, 2 Tree Pipit, Yellow wagtail, Whiteyhroat, Spotted Flycatcher and ‘I think I can hear a Western Bonelli’s Warbler!?’ His reply was ‘Goin and get it’ That I did and when I first saw it, it was in the same pine, on the same branch, behind the cadet hut where I first found the Greenish Warbler less than two weeks ago! Now what are the chances of that? It was still feeding high up in the pines to the delight of the small crowed that had now gathered but I got a call to get back to work. With the shite views I had earlier, I returned over an hour later and relocated it on call on the Dead Pine Walk. After observing it high in the canopy for a while, at last it came down to head height and showed well briefly out in the open before shooting back up into the pines. It proved very mobile and I lost it behind the changing rooms. At the airport I had up to 4 Whinchat and driving around to the hangers, I almost ran over a Wryneck in the middle of the road! After work, 18.30, I picked up the Bonelli’s on call in the same area as where I last saw it. I had a good walk around the Garrison and produced 4 Pied and 2 Spotted Flycatcher, 12 Willow Warbler, 6 Blackcap and single Garden Warbler and Chiffchaff. It was almost dark and I the Bonelli’s was still vocal as I passed the changing rooms.

Western Bonelli’s Warbler showing well on the Dead Pine Walk, Garrison

This Spotted Flycatcher has been spending a few days in the garden and on one occasion came for a bath in the pig pool

This evening I had up to 4 Pied Flycatcher on the Garrison

Also 6 Blackcap

2 whitethroat

And a total of 12 Willow Warbler

Reed Warbler at Lower Moors

Sedge Warbler

There were up to 4 Whinchat at the airport with 8 Wheatear

For the last week, this Redshank has been at Lower Moors

This leucistic House Sparrow made a brief visit to the garden on the 27th. Shortly after Joe Pender had it in his garden in town and it turned up in Tony Gilberts garden a few later in Old Town

Sunset looking west towards the harbour and Samson

Pubs Can’t Stay Open Due To Brexit

You couldn’t make this up!!

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Author: Kris Webb 10

I love to throw sticks at trees! I also can’t get enough of music! I also blog about my observations on Scilly and wherever I go around the world and what’s sometimes on my mind. I’ve visited over 30 countries and some more times than once. I’ve worked and volunteered in Nepal, USA, Peru, Gambia, Costa Rica, 3x Australia, and refugee camps in Palestine The profile image is one I took while in Palestine of a brave Israeli holding high the Palestinian flag in front of the Israeli Offensive Forces during protests in Belin

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