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Greenish Warbler at the Garrison

24th August 2021

Found this Greenish Warbler this evening in the pine belt behind the cadet hut and managed to get a couple of record shots in the few seconds I observed it.

An hour before work, I did the Dead Pine Walk area and it felt promising in a fresh ENE. In the campsite garden was a single Spotted Flycatcher and yesterday’s Garden Warbler and that was it. Later in the morning, 3 Tree Pipit flew south over Old Town Bay but it wasn’t until 18.00, after work, that I got out again. I thought I would return to the Garrison and this time it payed off. After seeing a single Tree Pipit, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, 2 Pied and Spotted Flycatcher, 4 Blackcap and 2 Chiffchaff, I made my ways towards the shooting range and checked out the pines. It was while taking photos of 2 Robin, that I caught a phyllosc warbler actively feeding at the top of the pines above me. It was moving so fast that I just couldn’t get on to it with the bins and by it’s behavior I had a feeling that it was not a Chiff or Willow Warbler. Still hanging out in the canopy of the pines, I managed to get a glimpse and that was enough to see that it was a Greenish Warbler! I got two record shots and then it just disappeared. The sun was almost down and despite searching the area with Robin, there was no sign of it until we had left the sight and it was seen by another birder at 20.15. Hopefully it will still present tomorrow for everyone to catch up with it.

This Garden Warbler was in the campsite garden

Nearby was this Whitethroat

as well as a single Willow Warbler and top, 2 Chiffchaff

and up to 2 Pied and 2 Spotted Flycatcher

A Tree pipit flew SW

This Greenish Warbler could prove to be the earliest Scilly record and is the second one I’ve discovered on Scilly which included an individual spending three days at Higher moors in September 2010

And if it wasn’t for me spending time with this posing Robin, then I would probably have never found the Greenish Warbler

While Kayaking over to Tresco two days ago, 22nd, news came on of a Glossy Ibis west over the Great Pool. No sign of the ibis while I was there but both the Lesser Yellowlegs and Wood Sandpiper were still present.

Also observed 2 Yellow-legged and 14 Mediterranean Gull, 3 Common and 1 Green Sandpiper and this Kingfisher was fishing from the roof of the Swarovski Hide while I was sitting in it. Moved onto Bryher where I had 3 Pied Flycatcher

Returned home and just before dark connected with the Glossy Ibis that ended up at Porth Hellick almost directly under the hide and is still present today

There were also this Common Sandpiper on the pool

with this single Snipe

A few days ago, a family of Stock Dove dropped in very briefly for a drink until they were pushed off by one of the high total of 35 Moorhen

Former British Soldier DESTROYS Official Afghanistan Narrative

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Ben Wallace, Defense Secretary, pathetic ‘crocodile’ tears on LBC radio

20th August 2021

This is so false from Defense Secretary, Ben wallace. Making out that he cares about the Afghan refugees and British and US Soldiers and civillans getting out of Afhganistan with crocodile tears. He forgot to mention about his involvement in the arms company ‘QENETIQ’ who made billions out of over 47000 innocent lives that were killed during the Afghanistan War!

Who is Ben Wallace? From 2005, he was an MP for the Conservative Party for Wyre and Preston Northend. It was in July 2019 that he became Defense Secretary to the present day. The year before, 2018, Wallace was criticised by political opponents for promoting unfounded smears on the leader of the Labour Party. The sun newspaper had alleged that during the 1980s Jeremy Corbyn  had colluded with a Communist spy. In response to the allegations, a spokesman for Corbyn stated that any suggestion that the Labour leader had been an agent, asset or informer was “an entirely false and a ridiculous smear” Amidst these allegations, Wallace was criticised for tweeting: “‘Jeremy has been interested in foreign policy issues his entire political career’ [sic] – Labour MP Louise Haigh, BBC Daily Politics – yup so was Kim Philby“. Wallace later defended his tweet, and said he “wasn’t comparing, just saying that being interested in foreign policy isn’t an answer to the allegations being made”. Wallace told Sky News “It was a light-hearted dig at Louise Haigh’s excuse that Corbyn was interested in foreign affairs … I was simply saying Kim Philby was also interested in foreign affairs. Of cause he was. In January 2016, the Labour Party unsuccessfully proposed an amendment in Parliament that would have required private landlords to make their homes “fit for human habitation”. According to Parliament’s register of interests, Wallace was one of 72 Conservative MPs who voted against the amendment who personally derived an income from renting out property. The Conservative Government stated that they believed homes should be fit for human habitation but did not want to pass the new law that would explicitly require it. He also voted against same sex marrage.

Only four days ago, 16th August, during an interview on LBC Radio about the US Afghanistan withdrawal, Wallace was asked by an LBC interviewer, “Why do you feel it so personally, Mr Wallace?” He replied with his crocodile tears and false emotion; “Because I’m a soldier… because it’s sad, and the West has done what it’s done and we have to do our very best to get people out and stand by our obligations”

Many people who would of seen that interview with LBC Radio, would of fallen for those tears not gracefully falling down his face and believed he was a man of honesty and freedom.

Now, I find it very strange that when I looked up Wallace on Wikipedia, I could find out about his time in the British Army, where he served and rising up to become a captain. He’s also been a ski instructure. However, there was nothin, nothin at all about his involverment with the arms company ‘QINETIQ’ He was the overseas director and the arms company whose share prices soared 11 years ago after it gained contracts to supply weapons for the war in Afghanistan. It wasn’t the Afghaniatans who benefited from the US, UK and their allies invading the country. It was the arms companies such as to name a few, Lockhead Martin, Boeing and ‘QinetiQ’ who made a hansome profit of billions out of Afghan, US and UK lives. It’s estimated that 47,245 civillans have been killed. This includes 2442 Americans and 450 British soldiers. You as the British tax payer, have contributed to an estimated cost on the Afghan war, 37 billion!!

So this ask the question, where is Ben wallaces heart? In saving the Afhganastan people and searching for a peaceful outcome or the arms game where his involvment in the arms company ‘QinetiQ’ has been responseble for killing over 47,000 Afghan inocent civillans? I think we can say the latter ‘QinetiQ’

And they’re meeting in London this September

From 14-17 September, one of the world’s largest arms fairs is coming back to London’s Docklands. At least 1,700 arms companies will be exhibiting, and official delegations and government employees from the UK and abroad will be doing their shopping. No doubt the industry attendees will be counting their profits from two decades of war in Afghanistan and looking for new conflicts to exploit.

It’s worth remembering that the Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair was underway 20 years ago, on 11 September 2001, when the planes hit the World Trade Center and lit the spark which paved the way for the US’s disastrous ‘War on Terror’. Do you think they will invite the radio 2 presenter, Jeremy Vine, to make a speech for a five figure sum like he did in 2015? The year when he played a leading role in the BBC General Election coverage. Makes it easy to work out which party he voted for at the time.

There will always be wars with people like Ben Wallace getting blood on their hands because ‘WAR MEANS BUISNESS’

Lowkey on Afghanistan: “Good Riddance to the War on Terror”

Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, profiting from the Afghanistan War

“It’s great that the world is concerned for human rights in Afghanistan, but where have you been for the last 20 years?” Join the Future of Journalism ► Support DDN ►…SHOW LESS

Marsh Warbler at Porth Hellick

13th August 2021

I’ve only ever seen five Marsh Warbler, all on Scilly, and three of them in the last year. So I was kinda of surprised when I found this individual at Porth Hellick this evening.

It was a heavy day at work and I didn’t finish until gone 20.00. It was 19.40 and I just had time to nip down to Porth Hellick before I had to return to the airport. I jumped out of my wagon, opened the gate and immediately on my left in the Sallows, I could hear 2 Reed Warbler calling to each other and paused to have a look at them. I was just about to leave when I saw some movement coming through and raising my bins I got onto an obvious paler acro warbler. It was pretty mobile moving through the Sallows out of sight but I was ready for it with my camera as I thought that maybe this is a Marsh Warbler? Reed and Marsh Warbler are two species very difficult to identify in the field. So I was really believing, no chance, it’s goin to be a Reed Warbler. It just wouldn’t stay still and continued to actively feed and in a split second, I managed to fire off a single shot when it was front on out in the open before it made it’s way down lower into the undergrowth where I lost it. A few minutes later I could see it at the back of some Willows and tried to focus onto it with the camera. My time was up and by the features that I could make out on the few BOC record shots, it did look very good for a Marsh Warbler. I put the news out as a probable, so others would hopefully come to see it and pin it down. After dropping off the guests at the hotel, I stopped off at Rens to show him the BOC shots and get his opinion. ‘Look at the claws, they appear pale’ I couldn’t see the claws never mind the colour as I left my glasses at home. Pale claws was a feature that I had totally forgotten about but everythin else that he commented on, I did know already and he thought also that it pointed towards Marsh Warbler. Ideal! I rushed back to Porth Hellick to find no one there and relocated it within a few minutes. It was still favouring the same Willows but all I got was the odd glimpse as it stayed at the back. It also called a few times and I thought that it sounded a quieter, softer rattle compared to the harsh, louder Reed Warblers nearby. Robin had joined me but he was too late and was getting dark as there was no sign of it. On the pool there was a Green Sandpiper and a high count of 31 Moorhen.

I showed these record shots to some of the top notch birders in town and they all agreed that it looked good for Marsh Warbler. Ideal!! Friday the 13th!? Who believes in that crap??

The Green Sandpiper was showing very well in front of the seaward hide

The day before, 2 Siskin were at the Garrison

And for comparison to the Marsh Warbler, here are three different Reed Warbler in different light that posed for me a few days ago

Back home, so many species of bird are coming to bath and drink in the pool in front of the window including Starlings and Greenfinches

Starling taken from bathroom window

Nigel Farage in 2019 Attack Scaremongers Over Brexit!

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Farage back in 2019 when debating Brexit with Lord Adonis dismissed the ‘scaremongering’ over job losses and the problems that came with less market access. Farage was completely wrong and Adonis was completely right. However Nigel has his own show now on GB News. Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –

Lesser Yellowlegs on Tresco

10th August 2021

The second Lesser Yellowlegs of the year turned up, after the individual in May on St Mary’s, was on Tresco Abbey Pool yesterday where this evening it showed pretty well

As I only saw the Lesser Yellowlegs on Tresco Abbey Pool in flight yesterday evening after it was found earlier in the day, I tried again today in the kayak shortly after work. In the hour that I only had on Tresco, I got good views of the Lesser Yellowlegs feeding with 2 Wood Sandpiper and 2 Common Sandpiper on the Abbey Pool. I just had time to walk the South Shore where there were 14 Dunlin, 150 Sanderling, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 6 Whimbrel, 12 Curlew, 43 Turnstone and an increase of 120 Ringed Plover. Five days ago, I did an early morning sea-watch from deep Point, 06.00-7.45 and with some 200 Manx Shearwater moving through were 2 Cory’s and a single Great Shearwater and Storm Petrel. A few days before this I also had a single Balearic Shearwater from Deep Point.

I’m guessing that this is a Lesser Yellowlegs that’s been lost on this side of the Atlantic rather than arriving fresh in from the states. The pic above is it feeding with one of the Wood Sandpiper, behind, on the Abbey Pool

The 2 Wood Sandpiper together on the NW side of the Abbey Pool

In the Sallows nearby were up to 12 Willow Warbler

Leaving Tresco and these Mediterranean Gulls allowed me to approach them at very close range in the kayak

Kayaking past the South Shore, this Great Black-backed Gull posed for me

And this Little Egret, was one of four in the area, was more occupied in catching it’s dinner rather than me almost on top of it in the kayak

Earlier on in the day, this Common Sandpiper was at Porth Hellick Pool

Good to see so many juvenile Swallow including back home where up to at least twenty successfully fledged from four nests

Who Is Responsible For Brexit Farage Or Johnson? You were to easily conned into voting Brexit by two well known pathological liars who were in it for themselves and themselves only. If only those who voted for Brexit looked at the facts and researched into what this mess would bring onto us that is now crippling the country!

Nigel Farage suggested that Boris Johnson couldn’t give him a peerage because Johnson owes him too much. Who is responsible for Brexit, is it Farage or Johnson? Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –


1st August 2021

The 2nd Scilly BLACK-TAILED SKIMMER was discovered by Darren Heart two days ago at Porth Hellick and I got to see it yesterday in front of the Sussex Hide but not like the cracking image by Martin Goodey

After working this morning, I arrived at Tresco just before mid-day and after passing 100 Sanderling, 30 Turnstone, 2 Dunlin and 2 Whimbrel along the South Shore, I parked my kayak up at Pentle Bay. On the Abbey Pool were 2 juvenile Wood Sandpiper, 2 juvenile Yellow-legged Gull, 1 Common Sandpiper, 4 Little Egret and a Tufted Duck with the 4 Pochard. I bumped into Bobby ‘Dazzler’ Dawson who told me that there was nothin on the Great Pool. As a result, that cut short my stay on Tresco and it wasn’t long that I was back on the water making my ways towards Bryher where there was of note, a single Common Sandpiper and 3 Reed Warbler. ‘Clet’ the Bottle-nosed Dolphin, identified from the markings on the dorsel fin, had returned from last year and was in St Mary’s harbour after being first seen earlier on off New Grimbsy, Tresco. By the time I had returned back to St Mary’s, I couldn’t find him in the harbour and just before 20.00, I was back home for my tea.

There were 2 juvenile Wood Sandpiper on the Abbey Pool but five days ago, I had 2 juvenile and an adult Wood Sandpiper on the Great Pool

Tufted Duck with one of the Pochard

Up to two pairs or more of Goldcrest have bred on Tresco and this juvenile was along Pool Road

Last week I had a family of Blackcap along the Abbey Drive

And today there was only the odd one or two Willow Warbler on the island

From my kayak, I got these images of Sandwich Tern and Mediterranean Gull off Skirt Island

Five of the 19 Mediterranean Gull that came to bath on the Great Pool last Tuesday

Two days ago while unsuccessfully trying to relocate the Black-tailed Skimmer at Porth Hellick, this Black-tailed Godwit dropped in

And one of the Swallows back at home

Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Dream is Humanity’s Nightmare | George Monbiot

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