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Dark-bellied Brent Goose on Bryher

4th July 2021

As dark-bellied Brent Goose are rare on Scilly, this individual at the Big pool, Bryher, may only be my second record of this race on the islands

This afternoon, I kayaked over to Tresco and it was juveniles that were the highlights including the first possible confirmed record of Siskin breeding on the island. I only covered the South Beach and two pools. It was along Pool Road where I had famlies of Goldcrest and Reed Warbler and two famlies of Great Tit. Then I came across a male Siskin busy feeding a single juvenile. On the Great Pool there were good numbers of both Coot and Gadwall young. Great news was that the 7 Pochard duckling had survived and flown over from the Abbey Pool to feed off Simpsmon Field with the 2 females. Also present were 5 Redshank and single Greenshank, White Wagtail and Teal. A Lesser Redpoll flew overhead. Later on at the Abbey Pool the Pochard had returned where there were still the 7 Shelduck duckling. On the heliport ‘Billy’ the Iceland Gull was resting with a 3rd summer Yellow-legged Gull, 150 Lesser and 100 Great Black-backed Gull with lesser numbers of Herring Gull.

Before I left forTtresco, I had a look at the pale-headed Iceland Gull that has been spending most of it’s time at Telegraph in the last week

This juvenile Siskin at Pool Road, being fed by a male, could be the first confirmed breeding record on Tresco.

Very good numbers of Reed Warbler on Tresco including a family of four juveniles off Pool Road

Also up to two families of Great Tit at each end of the road


This Yellow-legged Gull was only on the deck of the heliport for less than a minute

‘Billy’ the Iceland Gull hanging out on the heliport. He’s not visited the garden in the last five days which the longest that he’s been away since arriving eight months ago

Almost a week ago, a crazy record for the time of year, was a dark-bellied Brent Goose on Tresco before it made the short hop to Bryher where it was still present yesterday. So I left Tresco and in the showers, I kayaked twitched the goose. I was only on Bryher for less than hour and found the Brent Goose feeding on Eel Grass only meters away from the west bank of the Big pool. It wasn’t concerned of my presence, as I lay in the wet grass and dull conditions, and continued to feed. Returning to my kayak, I passed a very noisy family of Great Tit but otherwise nothin else of note before returning back to St Mary’s.

It feels more like winter than mid-summer observing 2 Iceland Gull and this Brent Goose and last week a Redwing was seen on St Mary’s

Last week, the Rose-coloured Starling was still at Nowhere. These record shots were taken in Elms just opposite Nowhere west of the football field. It looks like it’s moved to Carn Friars where it was seen yesterday

And ‘Wally’ the Walrus is causing havoc when it visits the harbour. The images above were taken last week when two folk in a dingy were trying to get Wally off their boat where he was having a nap. I was on my ways to Tresco in my kayak when I passed and observed him get successfully kicked off. A few days ago, he was resting on the pontoon close to the quay where he was out of harms way and everyone could at last have a look at him out in the open from afar. Unfortunately, too many folks in their boats, wanted to get closer to him, only meters away, and you can guess want happened? As a result he left the pontoon and went in search of a safer place to relax and sunk a small fishing boat!! With him damaging locals vessels and their livelihoods, understandably, there is talk of working out a plan to move him on. But how do you do that?? He was back in the harbour today, resting on the ambulance boat.

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Author: Kris Webb 10

I love to throw sticks at trees! I also can’t get enough of music! I also blog about my observations on Scilly and wherever I go around the world and what’s sometimes on my mind. I’ve visited over 30 countries and some more times than once. I’ve worked and volunteered in Nepal, USA, Peru, Gambia, Costa Rica, 3x Australia, and refugee camps in Palestine The profile image is one I took while in Palestine of a brave Israeli holding high the Palestinian flag in front of the Israeli Offensive Forces during protests in Belin

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