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Hybrid GlaucxHerring Gull in garden

5th Janurary 2021

Two new Glaucous Gulls arrived today, including a juvenile Glaucous Gull that I found at Morning Point and in the garden, this hybrid juvenile Glaucous Gull turns up. So that’s half a Glaucous Gull in the garden. Still waiting for my first one and just maybe in the next week I’ll get a genue one.

Mid-morniug and I was keen to go and get some photos of a juvenile Iceland Gull that John Headon had found on the Porth Mellion industrial estate rooves to establish if it was a different individual to the one day bird from last week. As I was working, I couldn’t go immediatly but that changed when I was asked to go shopping. I nipped back home to get my COOP catd and a look out of the window saw what I thought at first, because of the darkish primaries and with my naked eye, a juvenile Kumlien’s Gull! I grabbed my bins only to see that it was infact a hybrid juvenile Glaucous Gull. As it was dropping it’s wings, it was the mud from the pig field that made it appear like it had Kumlien’s gull primaries. Also it’s bill was plasted in mad at the time when I first saw it, appearing darkish like that also of a juvenile Kumlien’s Gull and not that pink base of a Glaucous Gull which it revealed when it cleaned the mud off in one of the large puddles out in the field. ‘Billy’ came in and landed next to the new white-winger and by the time I had rattled off some shots of both birds, John’s gull had moved on, which he had reidentified as a small juvenile Glaucous Gull. Ideal!

This hybrid is very tame and one poiint I thought it was goiun to come through the opened window where I was taking photos from

‘Billy’ the Iceland Gull didn’t take to the new arrival

After seing the adult Glaucous Gull still at Porthloo, I made my ways over to Porthcressa and scanning through the gulls roosting distantly out on the rock, I picked out a juvenile Glaucous Gull which I thought was probably Johns bird. At first a few of us were happy that it was a big individual and I had turned up the second Glauc of the day. However, later on in the afternoon, while I was at Morning Point, it came out that the Porthcressa Glauc was thought to be small and was infact Johns bird after all. Well I thought I had turned up a new Glauc but it didn’t matter. While freezing at the Morning Point, a big juvenile Glaucous Gull came in and hung around being joined by 3 Mediterranean and an adult Yellow-legged Gull. It was still present when I left and when I returned to work to continue fencing the pig field, the Glaucous hybrid dropped in and with ‘Billy’ it stuck around until dark when they both flew off north to roost.

I had a quick look at the roosting gulls at Porthcressa and relocated John’s small juvenile Glaucous Gull.

Including this individual, I’ve now found 3 juvenile Glaucous Gull at Morning Point in a week! Today, two new birds arrived with the hybrid in the garden. I’ve got to get in my kayak at the first oppuntunity as there has to be more white-wingers out off Samson or Tresco.

This adult Yellow-legged Gull stayed further out off the point

Returned home and the hybrid Glaucous Gull had returned and was the only gull in the garden. Later on, just before dark, ‘Billy’ arrived and they both just sat there only meters away from me sitting out of the window before flying off north to roost.

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