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2 Dusky Warbler on Tresco

26th November 2020

I came across this Dusky Warbler at the Abbey Pool with another vocal idividual near to the David Hunt Hide.

First thing this morning, I was in my kayak in the calm NE, with no idea where to go. After the pale headed Iceland Gull flew over me heading towards Porthloo, I found myeslf heading towards Samson. The tide was low and waders were in good numbers as they swirled around together, catching the light from the rising sun. These included over 120 Sandling, 80 Turnstone, 100 Ringed Plover, 41 Curlew and 6 Bar-tailed Godwit. Up to 19 Shelduck, 4 Common and 17 Lesser-black backed Gull and 5 Little Egret were feeding on the shore. Nearby off Green Island were the family of 4 pale-bellied Brent Geese but no sign of yesterdays 3 Spoonbill.

Looking over from Samson towards St Mary’s just as the sun was rising from the east

The family of pale-bellied Brent Geese were off Green Island

There were up to 4 Common Gull off Samson

And 6 Bar-tailed Godwit were very approachable as I slowly drifted towards them in my kayak

There were also over 80 Turnstone

Leaving Samson, again I had no idea where I was goin but some 20 minutes later, I was getting out of the kayak on Pentle Bay, Tresco. With 3 Dusky Warbler still present on St Mary’s, there had to be one hiding on Tresco. It had gone 10.00 and there was a notable presence of less numbers of Chiffchaff as I was half way west down Pool Road. Although I did get 2 each of Firecrest, Yellow-browed Warbler, Siberian Chiffchaff and to the north of the road, just the 2 Cattle Egret instead of the four from a few days ago when I was here last. A scan at the Great Pool produced 10 Redshank, 5 Redshank, 5 Wigeon, 5 Pochard and now 2 Tufted Duck and a Jackdaw flew west. I guess this is the same bird that’s knocking around the islands at the moment.

There were only 2 Cattle Egret from the four that have been present on Tresco since from they first arrived at the beginning of the month

Out the 5 Yellow-browed Warbler that I had on Tresco, this individual was the only one that showed off

Some 11 Redwing performed well feeding in the Pool Road fields with a single Fiedfare

On the Abbey Pool there was only the male Pintail hanging out with the Mallard and Teal. It was while listening to a Yellow-browed Warbler, that I caught a single call from a Dusky Warbler while standing to the west of the pool. It came from the scrubby area bordering the water and I ventured in. It was a good twenty minutes before I heard it again and it showed very briefly in a Tammisk Tree. There was also 2 Siberian Chiffchaff calling nearby and in the Abbey Wood I found 2 Yellow-browed Warbler in the Sallows together. As usual, time wasn’t on my side and like always during my November visits on Tresco, I returned to the Pool Road. As I was approaching the David Hunt Hide, I could hear a vocal Dusky Warbler to my right. However, this individual was playing hard to get and I had to do with obscured record shots as it moved along at almost ground level in the lower branches. At the south end of the Abbey Pool, the fifth Yellow-browed Warbler of the day was feeding with 2 Chiffchaff in the SallowsBack at Pentle Beach to return home and next to my kayak was a Lapwing feeding on the shore. I paseed 6 Great Northern Diver as rowed to St Mary’s and as I came into Porthloo, still present were the pale headed Iceland Gull and ‘Billy’. I missed ‘Billy’ in the garden this morning as I left home just as it getting light.

This was all I could get on the Dusky Warbler just west of the David Hunt Hide and was the third I’ve found on Tresco this November. I also discovered another individual at Porth Hellick on the 5th November and it still appears to still be present in the same area.

And the last Yellow-browed Warbler of the day was in Sallows south of the Abbey Pool

Altogether in total, there were 25 Chiffchaff and 35 Goldcrest Other totals included, 2 Dusky, 5 Yellow-browed and 1 Willow Warbler, 4 Siberian Chiffchaff and 2 Firecrest

Both ‘Billy’ at the front and the pale headed Iceland Gull were still present at Porthloo as I came in the bay returning from Tresco in my kayak. All images below were taken yesterday at the same sight

This pale-headed Iceland Gull arrived over a week ago

unfortunately, it got caught out by a large wave and as you can see from the image above, it damaged it’s primaries on it’s left wing.

I duno what it is with Iceland Gulls but ‘Billy’ also had a fall. It was sound when it was back up on it’s feet as he proved, struttng around the beach

The top image of ‘Billy’ was taken from the window yesterday back home

And here’s me returning from Tresco and rowing off into the sunset Taken by Robin Mawer from Porthloo

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