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Gambia Mamuda area Day 12

15th January 2020

A pair of Blue-bellied Roller

A different Tawny Eagle was up early over the garden as we watered the banana plants and there still was no work goin down for us at the building site. Graham and I are members of ‘Workaways’ and are here to work with the boys and in exchange we get free accommodation and food. However, last night we found out that the boys money was no more and they didn’t have enough to even buy food. In the last four days we had been buying our own food and sometimes the odd things for them. I immediately grabbed the 16 year old, Yusaf, and we both went to the shop. There’s small shops dotted around but they sell mostly the same items, sweets, tea, butter, rice and sardines stacked to the rafters. We got whatever we could to make something to feed for the four of them. Then it was down to business to find out what was goin on? The uncle had run out of funds and couldn’t afford the tools he needed to build with. So Graham came up with a plan. From the kindness of his heart he told them, he will buy them a wheelbarrow and we can pay to stay with the family instead of working for food and accommodation. I did a ‘Workaways’ in the states last year and although the food and accommodation was top notch, the working hours should of been four to five hours a day, five days a week. Instead I was working from 12.00 to 18.00 everyday including weekends. We payed a week in advance so they could buy the other tools they needed to get started with and get more importantly, food. This worked out well for all of us as now they were a little better off and we could go off whenever we liked but were always there if they needed Graham and I.

So it was off to the nearest town, Sanyang, to get the wheelbarrow and other tools. On the way, heading south, we took our time and were rewarded a single Common Wattle-eye, Melodious Warbler, African Drongo, 2 Black-necked Weaver and the one that took both of us by surprise, Viloit Turaco. All these birds were feeding in a group of large Cashew Nut Trees next to the main path and less than five minutes away from our digs.

A different Tawny Eagle over the garden from the individual a few days ago

Village Weaver in the garden

This Bishop sp was also in the garden Sorry, we don’t have a field guide to identify which one it is.

Black-necked Weaver

Yellow-crowned Gonolek

African Thrush

Grey backed Camaroptera are all over the shop

This kid, 9 or 10 years old, was chopping up wood in his garden with a home made axe

The uncle went home happy with everything he needed and we returned home from the west and on the dirt tracks at very close range there were 11 Namaqua Dove. The only other birds of note were 3 Long-crested Eagle and a single African Harrier Hawk.

Senegal Coucal

Up to a flock of 11 Namaqua Dove were very confiding

Wattled Plover always giving you ear ache as they start alarming when you pass close to them

African Harrier Hawk

Just before dark, you can see the odd Osprey flying over or coming into roost near to where we are staying as this individual did.

I have no problems when entering the property of all the mosque in the same area as the catholic church that I stumbled upon while out. the mosque on the right is the one that’s wakes us up every morning at 06.00 with all the farm animals joining in!

Author: Kris Webb 10

I love to throw sticks at trees! I also can’t get enough of music! I also blog about my observations on Scilly and wherever I go around the world and what’s sometimes on my mind. I’ve visited over 30 countries and some more times than once. I’ve worked and volunteered in Nepal, USA, Peru, Gambia, Costa Rica, 3x Australia, and refugee camps in Palestine The profile image is one I took while in Palestine of a brave Israeli holding high the Palestinian flag in front of the Israeli Offensive Forces during protests in Belin

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