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The Red-flanked Bluetail has made it into December!

3rd December 2022

To everyone’s delight, the Red-flanked Bluetail continues to perform well at the Lower Moors and was still present yesterday

A stroll along Little Porth this afternoon and we came across a cluster of Goose Barnacles covering a plastic bottle and discovered a Columbus Crab all the way from the Carribean, clinging inside onto the barnacles. Sharing the same beach were up to 4 Black Redstart and overhead, 3 Little Egret flew east. Just up road, the long staying Red-flanked Bluetail made it into December and was still showing off in the cow field at the Rose Hill end of Lower Moors yesterday.

In less than two weeks, up to 3 Columbus Crabs have been washed up on St Mary’s including this female today at Little Porth

One the 4 Black Redstart at Little Porth

Red-flanked Bluetail

Yesterday, in a nippy ENE breeze, we kayaked across to Bryher and parked up at Rushy Bay. In the hour that we were there was spent mostly beach combing the west beaches of the island. As a result, up to 10 Violet Sea Snail were picked up with 2 Black Redstart on the boulders above. However, the highlight was as we were returning back to the kayaks when we fortunate to observe a Short-eared Owl at close range for a good ten minutes on and off in the Rushy Bay Flats area.

All 10 of the faded out Violet Sea Snail off the west beaches of Bryher

There were 2 Black Redstart also on the beach

It was over ten years when I last observed a Short-eared Owl like this individual. While the last sighting of this species was March just gone also at the same sight as this one, Rushy Bay Flats

Pied Wagtail


Returnimg back to St Mary’s from Bryher we wanted to stay on the water a tad longer and headed out west for a short time towards Annet

Three day ago, we finally got out on the water for the first time in nearly two months because of the windy conditions throughout. Passing Green Island were the long staying 3 Spoonbill. While on Samson Flats out of the 200 Ringed Plover, 150 Sanderling, 30 Curlew was a single Purple Sandpiper. A stop off on Samson to do some beach combing and only Portuguese Man O’ War Jellyfish of note but there were a vocal Water Rail nearby and a single Skylark flew through.

These 3 Spoonbill arrived last month to over winter in the Samson area

Only this single Purple Sandpiper on the Samson Flats feeding with the large numbers of waders

Shortly after leaving Samson, I kayaked over to Tresco and in the short time I had, I decided to cover just the east side of the Great Pool. Chiffchaff and Goldcrest were all over the shop with some 40 and 55-60 respectively. Mixed in with them were 5 Siberian Chiffchaff, a high count of 25 Blue Tit and single Yellow-browed and Dusky Warbler. The latter species was first picked up on call and then glimpsed on and off after that. A quick look at the Great Pool and the 2 Cattle Egret and single Scaup were still present. Time was up and made it home just before dark.

Yellow-browed Warbler in the dull light

In with the 40 Chiffchaff were up to 5 Siberian Chiffchaff including this individual

Eddie Dempsey Of The RMT Calls Out The Media To Their Faces!

The RMT assistant general secretary Eddie Dempsey called out the media for not holding government ministers or industry bosses to account. He said that journalists like Kay Burley of Sky News prefer to ask trade union reps difficult questions than those who are ultimately responsible for the industrial action.

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Dusky Warbler at Content

27th November 2022

For it’s third day, the MYRTLE WARBLER is still present flycatching at Old Town Bay and showing off superbly at close range

After spending twenty minutes with the MYRTLE WARBLER on the upper beach at the south end of Old Town Bay, I made my ways up to Content and spent a good hour in the nearby white musturd fields just south off Pungies Lane. On the way to Content, I stopped off at Porthloo and there was the Iceland Gull that Robin found a few days ago. The Pungie fields were alive with Chiffchaff with at the minimum of 35 birds. There had to be somethin with them and carefully scanning through the chiffs revealed a single Siberian Chiffchaff and 2 late Willow Warbler. There were also some 100 Chaffinch, 20 Goldfinch and 6 Greenfinch. Single Woodcock, Merlin and a late Swallow flew overhead. It was while kicking the fields that just a stones throw away, Rich Addison turned up 2 Serin in the white mustard field on Telegraph junction. As I was making my ways towards the latter sight when I heard a Dusky Warbler on Content Lane and just managed to get a record shot of the butt end of it as it disappeared deeper into a hedge. More Chiffchaff at Telegarph but no sign of the Serin.

MRYTLE WARBLER still performing exceptionally well

Robin Mawer found the only Iceland Gull of the year so far at Porthloo a few days ago where I caught up with it this morning before it flew off towards the harbour

There were also up to 5 Black Redstart on the beach

There were at the minimum of 35 Chiffchaff feeding in the Pungis Lane white musturd fields

With up to 2 Willow Warbler

And this Siberian Chiffchaff

Some 100 Chaffinch were also feeding in the fields

And 20 Goldfinch

Over 30 Meadow Pipit were in the horse paddocks nearby

As the Red-flanked Bluetail was being reported throughout the day, I made my ways to Lower Moors and spent less than an hour in the cow field where the bluetail favours. In that time, it showed up very briefly but a walk around towards Shooters Pool and back, I heard both the Dusky and Yellow-browed Warbler. In the cow field, the bluetail had returned and this time it performed well but just for a few minutes before, as usual, being chased off by a Robin. The light had almost gone by now and i decided to call it a day after a very awesome, pleasent afternoon.

Red-flanked Bluetail at Lower Moors

And one of the Robins responseble for chasing off the bluetail into cover

Yesterday I had this Firecrest

For the first time, after arriving in August, that I’ve observed the Great Spotted Woodpecker to see that’s it’s a female

Grant Shapps Accuses Trade Unions Of Grandstanding Over Strike Action!

Grant Shapps the former Transport Secretary spoke to Kay Burley of Sky News about the on going strike action taken by the RMT and other trade unions. When he was asked why he isn’t mediating between the strikers and the rail operators, he first said it wasn’t his job then admitted the current secretary of state is doing it then claimed that he met with Mick Lynch some months ago. Finally he claimed that strikers are grandstanding and no interested in getting back to work.

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Nov 28, 2022 Grant Shapps the former Transport Secretary spoke to Kay Burley of Sky News about the on going strike action taken by the RMT and other trade unions. When he was asked why he isn’t mediating between the strikers and the rail operators, he first said it wasn’t his job then admitted the current secretary of state is doing it then claimed that he met with Mick Lynch some months ago. Finally he claimed that strikers are grandstanding and no interested in getting back to work. Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –

6th MYRTLE WARBLER for Scilly

24th November 202

The 6th MYRTLE WARBLER was discovered by Scott Reid’s wife, Samaya, while taking her kids rock pooling at Old Town Bay

This morning, we were just getting stuck into the Camroon v Switzland match, when at 10 39, Scott Reid called me ‘Spider, Spider! Can you hear me?’ I could hear him loud and clear and then I lost him. ‘He’s got somethin’ I tried a few times to call him back and then gave up. We continued to watch the first half of the game, as I knew that whatever he’s got will be out on the WhatsApp groups. Five minutes later, I was spot on that he had got somethin but totally taken back when I read ‘MYRTLE WARBLER Old Town Churchyard!!! Followed by Scott’s BOC full framer of the warbler and underneath ‘Absurd views!!!’ The footy was starting to liven up and I left it until half time when I made my ways up to the castle to find that my wagon was stuck in the mud from the heavy overnight rain. Oh shite! Martin Goodey called asking me why I had not turned up? After five of us gettin sprayed in muck, I was free and finally arrived at Old Town bay some 25 minutes later. Within seconds of shutting the wagon door, I had already seen the mega warbler on top of the sea wall. For the next 30 minutes, the vocal yank showed off at close range, always on view, spending most of it’s time flycatching from the wall and lower rocks on the beach, in the bright warm sunshine. I had to leave but returned shortly afterwards with the girlfriend and again, it was a repeat performance as before, on the wall still flycatching at close range.

Later on, Samaya told me that she called Scott at work and told him of the warbler she had at Old Town Bay, knowing it was something different. Imagine Scott’s reaction when he first layed his eyes on the mega and identified it as a Myrtle Warbler. Nice one guys but that’s the second mega yank, after the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, that Samaya has discovered. I reckon Scott, you stay at work and let the wife find the megas mate.

What a stunner!!! This was my second Scilly MYRTLE WARBLER that I’ve been lucky to observe, after a single on Tresco in Oct ’95, out of the six records on the islands, including todays individual.

This Stonechat was takin on the flies as well

In the afternoon, I checked out Porth Hellick, thinking like everyone else, a possible yank duck or wader on the pool. There was the latter yank but it was the long staying Wilson’s Snipe hanging out with some 14 Snipe. However, I had only just got on to them when a chainsaw kicked off close behind the hide. The large tall pine was being hacked down and as a result, everythin flew off out of sight. At Carn Friars, the Richard’s Pipit was still in the horse paddocks and 2 Siberian Chiffchaff were at Higher Moors. After doin a quick beach comb and only finding a tuft from a Coconut and more Goose Barnacles, I finished off the day with the Red-flanked Bluetail which showed just as good as the yank warbler. However, the light was disappearing fast. I returned home to find the daily Sparrowhawk in the garden with an unfortunate Starling in it’s talons. What an awesome day and Cameroon lost, 1-0 to Switzland.

The Richard’s Pipit at Carn Friars kept it’s distants

Only 2 Siberian Chiffchaff at Higher Moors

A Myrtle warbler in the morning and at Lower Moors, the long staying Red-flanked Bluetail just before dark

The daily Sparrowhawk causing havoc in garden scattering the 30 Chaffinch but takin out a Starling.

‘I was fired for calling Israel an apartheid state’: US podcast host Katie Halper

Oct 31, 2022 ‘I was fired for calling Israel an apartheid state’ US podcast host Katie Halper said she was fired from her role at The Hill TV after she recorded a video monologue calling Israel an apartheid state and pushing back against attacks levelled against US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. In this interview with MEE, Halper explains what happened.

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Red Hamburger Seabean, mucuna urens washed up on Porth Mellon

23nd November 2022

At last I found myself a Red Hamburger Seabean, mucuna urens. It was on Porth Mellon Beach and arrived all the way from the Caribbean on the recent storms that have hit the SW. We also found some other Goddies as well Pic by Scott Ried

This afternoon, we were goin to have a walk through Holy Vale but there was change of plan when Bobby ‘Dazzler’ Dawson informed every one that there was float with goose barnicles at Porth Mellon Beach, on the Wildlife WhatsApp group. This was quickly followed by Scott Reid also letting us know that he had already found a Columbus Crab in with the barnicles. Ideal! We went in search of the float and any other goodies that might of been thrown up onto the beach from the storms but could we find the bloody buoy? What chance have we got in finding anythin if we can’t find the object that’s is as large as two size ten welly boots. As it was, it turned out to be awsome. With twenty minutes of combing, we had come across 2 Portuguese Man-O-War, a shoe, size 7 I think, covered in Goose Barnicles and two firsts for me, Violet Seasnail and the highlight all the way from the Carabean, a Red Hamburger Seabean, mucuna urens! Magic stuff!! We left only to return again shortly afterwards as Scott had relocated the buoy behind the dunes in the rubbish pile where someone had put it. Scott had found not one but two meduim sized Culumbus Crab for us to have a look at with a few tiny By-the-wind Sailers also in amongst the barnicles. earlier, Robin let me know that there were good number of gulls at Porthloo. Here there were 3 Common, 13 Mediterreanan and a single Yellow-legged Gull.

My first Caribbean Seabean was just sat on top of the seaweed in the far east corner of Porth Mellon Beach

What the seed looks like before it’s drops out in the Caribbean

Spending hours lookin for a Violet Seasnail with no succuss on the beaches during the wreck during Augyust/September just gone, it was a kinda of suprise when we turned up this individual very close to where the seabean was

The size 7 shoe that was clutted in Goose Barnicles but we couldn’t anythin hiding inside them

Only 2 small Portuguese Man-O-war

Female on the left and male Columbus Crab discovered deep in amongest the Goose Barnacles thanks to Scott Reid who also took all images of the crabs

And this the float with Goose Barnacles that held the 2 Columbus Crab

A close up of one of the Goose Barnacles

Yesterday, early afternoon, I arrived at Porth Hellick Sussex Hide. I lifted up the slats and got a shock when there was, what I thought at the time by appearance of being a large size, a Pomarine Skua sat on the edge of the water with 2 Little Egret! I immediately alerted others on the WhatsApp group and within twenty minutes there were four of us enjoying this first for the pool. It was pretty obvious it wasn’t in good shape and the debate was if it was storm wrecked or bird flu? Everyone left happy with the ID that is until Bobby ‘Dazzler’ Dawson came along after and said that it was an Arctic Skua. When I was told this shortly afterwards, I was like, no way, it’s too big! It came across as the same size as the Little Egrets that were only meters away from the skua. Bob Dawson was right all long and it was a Arctic Skua. A quick look from Higher Moors to Holy Vale and there were 3 Siberian Chiffchaff, 5 Woodcock, the vocal Great Spotted Woodpecker and a single Firecrest while on Little Porth there were still 4 Black Redstart

Arctic Skua at Porth Hellick sat down with Little egrets, Moorhen and Cormorant In the above image, it still appears slightly larger, bulky or the same size as the egrets but I guess that weak lookin bill was the give away for it not to be a Pomarine Skua

Little Egret

One of the 3 Siberian Chiffchaff at Higher Moors


Greenshank at Little Porth

Living Standards Collapsing In Tory Britain

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Download11,886 views Nov 19, 2022Do you remember before 2016, when many hard working Poles used to come to Britain to increase their standard of living? Well, this month saw the average family in post Brexit Britain being overtaken by their equivalent in Poland. The average Slovenian family will ALSO be better off than their UK counterparts by the end of next year. So much for falling living standards in post Brexit Britain being due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Other countries may be suffering too, but just not so much as the UK. According to the government’s Office for Budget Responsibility, Britain is facing the biggest fall in living standards on record, as we enter a 15-month recession engineered by Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt and their incompetent and corrupt predecessors. I appreciate all of you who share my videos with friends and social media to get the word out there. Together, let’s bring this extreme right wing government to an end. Unlike those weird new right wing TV news channels and ultra right wing “think tanks” that are always on the telly, I receive no hidden funding. Or any funding, come to that, except YouTube partner programme advertising revenue, and YouTube $uperthanks donations from viewers. As well as sharing the videos on social media and with your friends, hitting the Like button and subscribing to the channel is also really helpful, as it tells YouTube to offer my videos to a wider audience. Subscribe here:… Follow me at less

4 Dusky Warbler on St Mary’s

20th November 2022

This Red-flanked Bluetail has now been present at Lower Moors for 11 days since I discovered it on the 9th. Today was by far top notch observation as it showed off in the sun for a few minutes

I managed to get these shots of the Red-flanked Bluetail in the few minutes it was out in the open in the late afternoon sun before a Robin chased it into to cover and never saw it again. Yesterday I had the highest number in a single day of Dusky Warbler. This included, single at Higher Moors, the long stayer at Parsons Field and with Higgo, 2 while observing the bluetail. Today I heard one of the Dusky and a Yellow-browed Warbler with 2 Reed Bunting in the west reed bed

The Robins were always ganging up on the bluetail and would push it off

Siberian Chiffchaff

In the last two days, A lot of Chiffchaff appeared have moved out

Teal on the pool

There were up to 5 Black Redstart with 8 Pied Wagtail at Porthloo Beach in the late afternoon

Also some 9 Mediterranean Gull

And a single Common Gull Here with a Mediterreanan and Black-headed Gull

Also small numbers of Turnstone on the Beach

Yesterday in four large flock in a number of places on St Mary’s, I had 3 Brambling with over 400 Chaffinch including some 20 Chaffinch in the garden where I took these pics

These pics of the Red-flanked Bluetail were taken in the glade yesterday where it favoured just of the main path opposite Shooters Pool.

While Martin, Higgo and I were observing the bluetail, this Sparrowhawk perched very briefly before movin on

On the 16th, a very late House Martin was at Porth Hellick

On the pool there was an Kittiwake that appeared not in good shape

Austerity 2.0 – Another Tory Cull of the Poor?

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Download11,181 views Nov 12, 2022Austerity 1.0, was imposed by then chancellor George Osborne during David Cameron’s Tory/lib Dem coalition, known as the ConDem government. It meant deep cuts to community services like libraries and social care, as well as to the justice system, the prison service, road maintenance, policing and defence. Austerity 1.0 then, stripped away much of the U.K.’s social fabric, causing lasting and profound economic damage still in evidence today. It’s not ALL Brexit, it has to be said! Even more tragically, a recent study claimed that Cameron and Osborne’s austerity policy was responsible for hundreds of thousands of excess deaths. Austerity 1.0 intended that Three-quarters of the gap between spending and taxation was to be filled by spending cuts. With the exception of the National Health Service, schools and aid spending, all government budgets were slashed; public sector pay was frozen; and the tax burden rose, mainly through the regressive tax, VAT. Austerity 1.0 didn’t work, it didn’t balance the books, led to reduced life expectancy and a lower standard of living for everyone bar the billionaires. So why the hell are we about to be shafted again, by Austerity 2.0? It’s the exact opposite of what I believe should happen. I appreciate all of you who share my videos with friends and social media to get the word out there. Together, let’s bring this extreme right wing government to an end. Unlike those weird new right wing TV news channels and ultra right wing “think tanks” that are always on the telly, I receive no hidden funding. Or any funding, come to that, except YouTube partner programme advertising revenue, and YouTube $uperthanks donations from viewers. As well as sharing the videos on social media and with your friends, hitting the Like button and subscribing to the channel is also really helpful, as it tells YouTube to offer my videos to a wider audience. Subscribe here:… Follow me at less

A late wryneck at Carn Friars

12th November 2022

After just getting a blurred record shot of the Red-flanked Bluetail that I turned up three day ago, I was delighted to get another chance when yesterday it was relocated still at the Rose Hill end of Lower Moors.

With SSE pushing in overnight, this morning I found myself at Porth Hellick as I knew most resident birders would be at Lower Moors hoping that the bluetail might still be present. It was and by the time I had covered the former sight, no surprise, it was obvious that there was new birds in. 1 Yellow-browed, 1 Willow and 2 Reed Warbler, 4 Siberian Chiffchaff and up to 50 Chiffchaff. Kicked out 3 Woodcock and distant in front of the Sussex hide was the Wilson’s Snipe. Moving onto Carn Friars, there were more chiffchaff but at the entrance of the south horse paddock, I flushed a Wryneck from the deck into a Pittosporum hedge. sIt’s the second week of November and I wasn’t expecting to bump into one of them. In the hedge it sat there for couple of minutes before flying off towards the orchard maze. High up, a large flock of noisy Siskin flew north in off the sea.

This Willow Warbler was at Porth Hellick

And on the loop trail, the Yellow-browed Warbler was still present

With up to 8 siberian Chiffchaff between Porth Hellick and Holy Vale, there was plenty of opportunity to get a few pics of them

And with well over 80 Chiffchaff, this was the only pic that I took of one

Got a surprise when I kicked this Wryneck out of the grass into a Coprosma hedge where it showed well. By far the latest sighting that I observed on Scilly.


Throughout the morning, small numbers of Chaffinch had been moving through with Redwing. At Higher Moors, 3 Brambling were in the Sallows where there were also single Siberian Chiffchaff and Yellow-browed Warbler. Nearby in Holy Vale, it was pretty productive with a total of up to 3 Siberian Chiffchaff, 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and single Firecrest and Willow Warbler. The latter species appeared like a Northern ‘type’ A lot paler and slightly larger than the individual I had earlier on at Porth Hellick. I finished the day off at Little Porth where I caught up with Ren’s Water Pipit that he discovered two days ago. It showed well in the west corner with some 6 Black Redstart but the light was shite as fog had rolled in.

A possible Northern ‘type’ Willow Warbler at Holy Vale

This Water Pipit that Ren discovered two days ago, kept it’s distants at Little porth

One of the 6 Black Redstart also at Little Porth

A productive few hours with a total of 2 Willow, 2 Reed, 4 Yellow-browed Warbler, 8 Siberian Chiffchaff, 80 Chiffchaff, 3 Woodcock, 100+Chaffinch, 3 Brambling, 1 Firecrest, 3 White and 2 Pied Wagtail, 60 Redwing and 6 Fieldfare

More evidence of new birds in were a Radde’s Warbler at Porthloo Lane near to Rose Hill found by Bob ‘Dazzler’ Dawson and Scott Ried heard a Dusky Warbler at Porth Hellick.

Yesterday, like everyone else present, I only had brief glimpses of the Red-flanked Bluetail from the main path before Shooters Pool. However, I drifted off in search of it and after over an hour, the beauty popped up in front of me before being chased off by a Robin. The day before, I spent a lot of trying to relocate the bluetail and as a result, a Buff-bellied Pipit flew NE towards Sunnyside. I called Graham Gordon to him know only for him to tell me that he had it before me over the airfield!

Also yesterday, the Long-eared Owl flew out, at very close range, of Shooter Pool and all I get was this blurred record shot. It makes my head go dizzy when looking at this shot

The Oligarch that Took Over Britain | George Monbiot

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“Britain is a democracy in name only” Full 29min Interview with George Monbiot on Rishi Sunak ► Join the Future of Journalism ► Support DDN ►…Show less

10th Red-flanked Bluetail for Scilly

9th November 2022

This autumn, I’ve been fortunate in finding very rare birds and one mega but there was one species that I always wanted to discover and this afternoon it happened, Red-flanked Bluetail! In less than ten seconds, I just got two record shots including this one above before it disappeared never to be seen again.

Graham’s Dusky Warbler that he turned up less than a week ago at Little Porth was still on show in the nearby gardens of Sallyport. Here, I relocated it on call on arrival and found it in thick hedge bordering the path. It showed well briefly out in the open where I managed to fire off some shots before it disappeared into the next garden out of sight. At 10.50, Dulcie and I were rushing to get down to Porth Hellick where Jim had trapped a Radde’s Warbler and made it in time to see it being released. At 11.20 I was meeting a flight coming in and while chatting to Mike, a vocal Richard’s Pipit flew south. Probably the same individual that Graham had a few days ago over Pungies Lane.

Despite discovering 6 Dusky Warbler in the last year, all of them behavouring like real skulkers only to catch glimpses, this mornings individual at Sallyport was the first one that I’ve observed out in the open probably in the last two to three years.

This is my second Radde’s Warbler that I’ve seen in the hand at Porth Hellick

I returned to Porth Hellick where I had 2 Siberian Chiffchaff, 2 Yellow-browed Warbler, single Willow Warbler and Reed Warbler, the Great Spotted Woodpecker and distant in front of the Sussex Hide, the long staying Wilson’s Snipe. Altogether there were over 30 Chiffchaff and at Higher Moors, a single Siberian Chiffchaff. At the stables there were up to 4 Black Redstart with ones and twos dotted elsewhere. Later on at 15.40, I was birding the Rose Hill end of Lower Moors where there was a good number of Chiffchaff with the odd Blackcap. It was when I reached the east side of the first wood into the north end of Lower moors that things started to heat up. A Robin sized bird flicked up in front of me, front on and as it was only some five meters away, I could clearly see what it was. No way! I had gone and found the one species that every birder dreams of finding. Red-flanked Bluetail!!! It turned to show off it’s bluetail before flying off into cover. I immediatly put the news out but after an hour of a few us searching for it, there was no sign. Fortunatly, in the less than ten seconds view that I observed it, I got two record shots to priove that I wasn’t dreaming.

This Northern ‘type’ Willow Warbler was hanging out with 2 Yellow-browed Warbler on the loop trail

There were up to 2 Siberian Chiffchaff at Porth Hellick with a single at Higher Moors.

In the last week there has been good numbers of Black Redstart including a few corking males like this one


This was the second record shot I got of the Red-flanked Bluetail at Lower Moors before it vanished and wasn’t seen again despite a few of us despertly trying to relocate it. It was also the fifth that I’ve seen on Scilly.

This Marsh Harrier was having a hard time at Content a few days ago

also this Willow Warbler was at Content in the same field where the Marsh Harrier was hunting.

Over two week ago, there were up to 40 Painted Lady feeding on Buddleia at Helvier

Tory Minister’s Car Crash Interview On Striking Nurses!

Chris Heaton-Harris a Tory Minister appeared on Kay Burley’s Sky News show where he was challenged on what his government is doing to help NHS nurses. He started out saying that it is a vocation and then basically ignored the point that many are relying on food banks.

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Download 4,821 views Nov 11, 2022

Chris Heaton-Harris a Tory Minister appeared on Kay Burley’s Sky News show where he was challenged on what his government is doing to help NHS nurses. He started out saying that it is a vocation and then basically ignored the point that many are relying on food banks. Patreon – Amazon – Facebook: –… Twitch – Merch –… Twitter – Buy Me A Coffee –

Penduline Tit at Lower Moors

4th November 2022

This morning Graham Gordon discovered a Dusky Warbler at Little Porth followed by this Penduline Tit at Lower Moors over an hour later

An early morning call from Graham Gordon, 07.20, to tell me that he had a Dusky Warbler in my bosses garden at Little Porth. After finding one myself yesterday at Newford Duckpond, I thought I would go and have a look at it later. Less than an hour later, there was no sign of the warbler and with Graham, we were birding the Standing Stones field. As Graham was goin onto cover Lower Moors and the weather was turning in a few hours, I thought I would part and get to Porth Hellick. Shortly after seeing a Sibeian Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler at the entrance of Porth Hellick, Graham called again to let me know that he had just found himself a British tick! ‘Penduline Tit!‘ It was in front of the ISBH at Lower Moors and even though the only British Penduline that I’ve ever seen was nearly 25 years ago, when James Siddle turned up a single bird also at Lower Moors in November, I continued to bird, as I knew that there were other scarities to be unearthed. Lee Almey, had a Pallas’s Warbler a few days ago on St Agnes and it was now also in company with a Dusky Warbler in the same hedge that Lee alerted us on the WharsApp group. Ten minutes later, After seeing the long staying Wilson’s Snipe, I was nearing the beach, when I could hear a Dusky Warbler calling just south of the Seaward Hide. It continued to call when I was almost on top of it and only catching glimpses low down on the edge of the reeds. I could still hear it as it made it’s way towards the ringing station. Listening to 2 Yellow-browed Warbler on the loop trail, the wind had increased but it was shortly afterwards, high up in the Sallows at the entrance of Higher Moors, that I got onto a Subalpine Warbler sp. I lost it when the Sallows were blown all over the shop only to pick it up again, then loose it in the same way from another gust coming through. Some twenty minutes while trying to relocate the Subalp, a visiting birder got onto the Melodious Warbler, that’s been hanging out in the same clump of Sallows for the last few days. I only saw it breifly as it moved through.

This Willow Warbler was at Higher Moors

Not many Siberian Chiffchaff around at the moment with this individual only my third of the autunm so far was also at Higher Moors

If only the Wilson’s Snipe showed like this Snipe at Porth Hellick

The Rains finally arrived and mid-afternoon, I was watching the late Spotted Flycatcher at Rose Hill late in the afternoon, I was with other birders in the ISBG hide at Lower Moors observing Graham’s Penduline Tit for a good tewenty minutes before it disappeared into the reeds towards the Dump.

This late Spotted Flycatcher has been present art Rose Hill for the last few days.

The only other Penduline Tit that I’ve seen, away from Kuwait and Spain, was a single individual also at Lower Moors in November ’97 that James Siddle turned up.


Tory Minister’s Insulting Comments About NHS Nurses Using Food Banks!

Gillian Keegan who is the current Education Secretary appeared on Kay Burley’s Sky News show where she was asked if she was comfortable with NHS staff using food banks. She replied with frankly insulting comments.

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Buff-bellied Pipit at Helvier

26th October 2022

Four days ago, 23rd, I relocated the long staying Buff-bellied Pipit at Helvier after first picking it up on call with Meadow Pipit NE over Bougher Farm some twenty minutes ealier.

This morning, after my first taxi, I went and had a look at yesterdays Red-breasted Flycatcher at the Dump Clump. This was followed by the Red-rumped Swallow at Newman House that turned up two days ago at Porth Hellick. The flycatcher showed well but the swallow showed off hawking with a handful of Swallow before settling on the lower wire next to Newman House only meters away from a few of us that were present. I was only goin to stick around forn ten minutes or so but instead it turned out to a good forty minutes as it spent most of it’s time at very close range, on the wire.

I managed to catch up with the Red-rumped Swallow, that arrived two days ago at Porth Hellick, at Newman House just below Star Castle

There was also this Meadow Pipit in the garden nearby

Later on in the afternoon, as I was just around the bend, a call from Viv Stratton got me up to Carn Vean as he had relocated the Buff-bellied Pipit. Unfortunately, a Sparrowhawk had flushed it and the Meadow Pipit it was with before I got there. However, there was a Ring Ouzel feeding in the same field as the pipits were in. Nothin of note at Content Lane but in the fields nearby, I heard and then observed the Red-throated Pipit drop into the horse paddocks.

This late autumn has seen 1000s of Great Shearwaters, mainly in the south west headlands and yesterday, the Scilly record of 1138, was smashed! Over 5000 passed St Agnes while at the same time, Adam Hunt had a total of over 4000 off Penennis Head. I arrived in the afternoon and joined Adam and in the three hours that I was there, I counted up to over 260 Great, 3 Sooty, 3 Manx and a single Mediterranean Shearwater, 2 Bonxie and the highlight, 2 Leaches Petrel. Two large groups of Great Shearwater included over 40 and 70 and all species involved moved through west. One of my best seawatches in a long time but not as good as in September ’99 when I observed, with others, over 900 Great, 35 Sooty Shearwater, 150 Cory’s, 12 Manx, 8 Mediterreanan Shearwater, pass Peninnis.

No sign of the Buff-bellied Pipit at Carn Vean but this Ring Ouzel was in the same field as the pipit

The Red-throated Pipit was still vocal at the horse paddocks off Pungies Lane

Dipped out the Buff-bellied Pipit at Cove Vean this afternoon. However, Sunday the 23rd it performed very well in the horse paddocks at Helvier where I took these pics at.

This Richard’s Pipit showed well just in front of the windsock at the airfield, also on the morning of the 23rd

Later on in the day, I birded Content Lane and was rewarded with what I reckon was my forth Northern ‘type’ Willow Warbler that I’ve discovered at this sight. As usual, it was a large individual in size of that of an Arctic warbler.

Also present on the lane, were a single Firecrest and my first Siberian Chiffchaff of the autumn Nearby, I caught up with Rik Addson’s Red-throated Pipit off Pungies Lane with 2 Reed Bunting. It wasn’t all a bad day with also 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and at Porth Hellick, the Wilson’s Snipe.

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3 new species for the garden including Pallid Swift

22nd October 2022

This also included 17 Great Shearwater, the Pallid Swift and taken from the window, this Jack Snipe that spent all afternoon on the wader scrape

Shortly before 09.00, a swift sp was seen over Porthcressa towards the Garrison. As there had been no sign of yesterdays Pallid Swift on St Agnes this morning, it was thought that it’s possibly that idvidual changing islands. It was goin to be mid-afternoon before I could go and search for it, despite twitching 2 swift sp, one was probably a Pallid Swift, yesterday over Trenoweth. It was dead on 14.00 that I relocated the swift sp roaming the campsite/Steval area and immediatly put the news out. I entered the east campsite and I first kicked a Bloxsmith Snout Moth followed by a Clouded Yellow and then a much rarer moth from the south mediterreanan, Crimson Speckled. There were also some 150 Fieldfare in the area. I had to return to work and got the Willow Warbler in the large Sycamore at the entrance on my way out.

Yesterdays Probable Pallid Swift at Trenoweth that was hanging out with a swift sp which was also probably another Pallid Swift.

This is my fifth Scilly Crimson Speckled Three of them I’ve discovered myself

This Willow Warbler has been spending it’s time in the large Sycamore at the entrance of the campsite for the last three days.

Still good numbers of Fieldfare still around after the 100s if not 1000s that hit Scilly yesterday

For the next two hours,, the swift sp proved mobile as it was spotted all over the shop on St Mary’s. In between this time, I went in search of Rik Addison’s’s Red-throated Pipit south of Pungies Lane where he had it yesterday and picked it up on call above me flying around with the many Meadow Pipit. At 16.20, Ross Newman pinned down the swift sp at the entrance of Star Castle. Here it showed off until dark and was confirmed as expected, a Pallid Swift. Almost everyone connected with it and on occasions, if you reached out your arm, you could of grabbed it on the wing as it passed only meters away from myself and other birders. There had been large numbers of Great Shearwater observed out at sea from Porthcressa. Just after 17.00, I scanned from my window,out SSW and in firthteen minutes, I got a total of 17 Great Shearwater. I noticed that the Chaffinch had increased in numbers just below the window. It was while counting the finches with my naked eye, that I caught the Pallid Swift very low over the garden with 2 Swallow. Two new species for the garden in the space of a few minutes! Ideal! At 18.35, I got a call from John Chappel letting me know that they had the Pallid Swift roosting in the large pine by Sanderlings. When I got there, it was dark but you could make out the swift hanging on to a open twig, exposd to the strong winds as it was being swung around. It could of choose a much better place to roost like Star Castle. Be interesting to see if it is still present tomorrow at first light.

A record shot of the Pallid Swift at Star Castle

The Pallid Swift taking off birders heads off with the roof of Star Castle behind

Yesterday, this Osprey flew over the garden but at the time I was standing a stones throw away on the football pitch when I took this pic

Also had this Ring Ouzel nearby

Then I got home, looked out from my window and was totally shocked to see this Jack Snipe showing surperbly and was still present at dusk.

2 Grey Wagtail also shared the scrape with the Jack Snipe

At the moment I’ve got up to 25 Chaffinch visiting the garden

Snipe at Lower Moors

Two days ago, I had this Spotted Flycatcher at Rose Hill

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